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What equipment is needed to build a perfect Stage Platform?

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Light truss: It can be used to build Stage Platform or backdrop etc. Our company produces aluminum alloy lighting truss (Bolt Square Truss or Angle Plate Truss) and steel lighting truss. It is strong and durable, with beautiful and high-grade appearance. The common specifications are: 300*300MM 400*400MM 450*450MM 500*500MM 600*750MM, etc. The single length is 1.0m, 1.5m, 2.0m, 3.0m, etc. The product connection form is screw connection.

Bolt Square Truss.

Base: placed at the bottom of the column lighting truss, used to support the column truss, there are movable legs under the base, which can adjust the height, very useful for the Stage Platform with uneven ground. Use screws to connect the top of the reverse head, surrounded by four holes to insert the water balance of the diagonal support rod (black).

Reverse head: the shape of the middle with a loose-leaf connection of 1 meter truss, the upper part can be rotated 180 degrees along the connection axis. The purpose of the counterhead is to facilitate the erection of the column truss. For a particularly high column light truss, without the counterhead, it is necessary to assemble each node of the column light truss with the help of tools such as ladders, but with the counterhead it is very simple and convenient. Several people poke up the column truss together, which is very labor-saving.

Square sleeve: The function of the square sleeve is to connect the column light truss and the beam light truss, when the square sleeve is pulled by hand pulling hoist, it can drive the beam up and down. There are pulleys inside the square sleeve, so that the square sleeve can slide vertically along the direction of the column. Unlike the six-sided joint, which cannot move up and down after connecting the beam, the square sleeve can move.

Stretcher: The role of the stretcher is to fix the upper end of the hand chain hoist, should be the largest force, so it is generally made of steel. When used, the crossbar is screwed to the top of the column truss, and then the hand chain hoist is hoisted on it, and then the hand chain hoist purchases the crossbar lighting truss.

Oblique support: Oblique support is used to reinforce the role of the booth, when used, fixed on the four columns of the booth lighting truss at the four corners of the booth, to play a role in reinforcing the booth. The inclined support has two parts, the inclined pole and the horizontal pole. When used, one end of the cross bar is inserted into the hole of the base and screwed, one end of the inclined bar is fixed to the column lighting truss with a single buckle ring, and the other end is screwed to the extension end of the cross bar support.

Hand chain hoist: one end is fixed on the topmost crossbar of the column lighting truss, so that one end is connected to the beam lighting truss, and the beam lighting truss will be pulled up by tugging the zipper by hand.

folding stage.

Lighted trusses to build the Stage Platform method steps

1. First, set up the four bases at the approximate position on the ground and adjust the legs underneath so that they are at a horizontal plane.

2. Insert the bottom part of the diagonal support on the outside of the base on the four corners, 2 on each corner, total 8.

3. The counter head with screws fixed in the base, pay attention to the direction of rotation of the counter head to be consistent with the marked in the figure.

4.Set a good square sleeve on the counter head.

5.Connect the crossbeams on the ground.

6. Connect the two ends of the beam with the two square sleeves on both sides respectively, so that the beam is assembled on the ground.

7. Connect the column truss lying flat, then screw one end on the counter head and the other end on the cross-beam, and at the same time link the hanging hoist with the cross-beam, the hoist is used to lift the cross-beam truss below.

8. Multiple people together erect the column truss slowly, taking care not to push the column with too much force, and then fix the screws above the counterhead.

9. After the column is erected, hook the hook below the hoist through the sling to the beam below.

10. 4 people together slowly tug the hanging hoist to pull the beam up to the position of the human head or so.

11. in the beam above the installed lighting and sound equipment.

12. 4 people together tugging the hanging hoist to a predetermined height stop.

13. Tighten one end of the inclined support and the column, and the other end and the horizontal support of the base, so that the gantry is finished.

The light truss can make the Stage Platform's effect more visual, but if the Stage Platform leaves the light truss, it will also reduce the sense of security. After all, the height of a large Stage Platform is quite high, and with the help of this product, we can better construct and design for high places. The Bolt Square Truss or Angle Plate Truss from Shizhan Group is a very good lighting truss product.

Before we purchase the lighting truss, we have to see what kind of product model we need. No matter what kind of product, the best product is the one that best meets the work requirements. Of course, it is not only the truss for Stage Platform, but also the lighting truss for conference venue. The quality and safety of the product is very important, we have to see how the reputation of the manufacturer of the product in the process of purchasing.

If the manufacturer has a good reputation and service quality, the quality of its products is often more reliable. If the manufacturer is not able to provide perfect after-sales service. Product problems can not get a good after-sales service, and this is very unfavorable for our consumers. In this regard, our company provides a very perfect after-sales system, so that you can rest assured that the purchase.

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