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Why aluminum is the best building material for Outdoor Bleacher

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Aluminum alloy is the most ideal green building structure material in the world, and it has incomparable advantages over all the current building materials for making Outdoor Bleacher.

At the same time, the use of aluminum alloy instead of wood can greatly reduce the deforestation of the green earth and protect the earth's green and low carbon.

More than one hundred years ago, the Royal Society of England made aluminum cups more valuable than gold and presented them to the Russian chemist Mendeleev in recognition of his outstanding contribution in the field of chemistry. It was not until 1886 that American scientists invented the smelting technology of electrolytic aluminum, and after this method was put into production, the production of metallic aluminum grew rapidly and the price dropped significantly, and from then on it came into the daily life of ordinary people.

Until today in 2019, aluminum has been widely used in construction real estate, electronic power products, transportation and other aspects. Especially the aviation aluminum is put into operation, but also put the excellent performance of aluminum to the maximum. Aluminum has become the best in the material and is highly sought after by people from all walks of life.

In the existing construction industry, aluminum was first used as building decoration materials, such as window and door frames, glass curtain wall frames, and exterior clad aluminum panels. Until the early 1930s, aluminum alloy began to be used in the load-bearing structure of buildings; and was instantly and vigorously promoted and applied. For example, bridges, warehouses, space structures, etc. This means that aluminum has the feasibility as the main material of building, and it is proved that aluminum alloy has good ductility and high strength, which is suitable for various extreme environmental stress structures. The world's first aluminum alloy building "Golden Dome" was successfully completed in 1951 in England. The mesh shell is 111 meters in diameter and 27 meters in height.

So, why do people prefer aluminum structure buildings. Many answers say that it is because it has more quality appearance and higher value than steel structure building. This is only one of the reasons. In fact, the properties of aluminum alloy have incomparable advantages compared with steel.

1、Aluminum alloy has higher density than steel structure

The density of aluminum alloy is only 1/3 of the density of steel, while the specific strength and stiffness are higher than steel, so it is a typical ideal lightweight material. Used in high-rise and large span and thin shell structure, the weight of aluminum alloy space structure is much lighter than that of steel structure, so the foundation investment of the structure is much less.

2、Aluminum alloy is easier to extrude than steel structure

The property of aluminum alloy is soft, so it can be made into precision structural parts of various shapes and specifications, unlike traditional steel structure which is commonly rolled. Compared with steel, the properties of aluminum alloy have good plasticity and formability, which can be processed into various specifications and shapes of precision hollow and solid constant section and variable section profiles, pipes, bars, plates, forgings, die-forged parts and punching and bending parts in large quantities under cold or hot condition by various pressure processing methods (extrusion, rolling, forging and stamping, etc.), and can make the cross-sectional forms of the components more reasonable. It can meet the requirements of any building structure without the need for precision machining. This is something that cannot be achieved by hot rolling, cold rolling, extrusion or welding of steel.

3、Aluminum alloy is more corrosion resistant than steel structure

Compared with steel structure, one of the main advantages of aluminum alloy structure is corrosion resistance, durability, less anti-corrosion workload during the building life, low cost of protection and maintenance, and at the same time, it will not affect normal production and operation and use due to anti-corrosion maintenance. Aluminum structure green buildings are widely used in environments with high humidity, acid rain, harsh climate change or coastal areas.

4、Aluminum alloy has higher recycling value than steel structure and can be recovered and recycled as a real green material.

The recycling cost of aluminum alloy material is very low, and the energy consumption is only 5% of that of electrolytic aluminum. The recycling rate can reach more than 90% (more than 5 times of steel recycling rate), and the price difference between aluminum ingot and aluminum is not much, so it is a typical green material.

5、Aluminum alloy saves land and construction cost than steel structure

Under the same span, the cross section of the structure is greatly reduced (about 1/8 section of steel structure), which can increase the usable area of the building by about 6% and reduce the waste of space by about 10%, saving land and energy. At the same time, the cost of building construction is greatly reduced.

The outdoor bleachers produced by Shizhan Group have a selected 6061-T6 aluminum alloy frame, which has the advantages of saving transportation, strong corrosion resistance and easy maintenance compared with the steel structure which has high self-weight, poor corrosion resistance and low recycling value. The material strength and density are higher than steel structure, which can use less weight to obtain larger bearing capacity, effectively enhancing the bleachers' ability to withstand live load, which is very beneficial in the bleachers' seismic safety.

outdoor bleacher

In addition, Shizhan Group's aluminum Outdoor Bleacher structure, with a professional team of registered structural engineers (the highest level) at the national level of the People's Republic of China, using 3D modeling, SAP2000 structural force analysis, finite element structural analysis, already has a number of patented technologies for the Outdoor Bleacher system, coupled with the use of the latest 3D CAD modeling technology and automated precision computer numerical control manufacturing process, Shizhan Group has become a leader in this highly specialized field.

Shizhan Aluminum Outdoor Bleacher offers the perfect solution for waterproofing bleachers. Waterproof structure aluminum plate - The treads of the bleachers are made of waterproof structure aluminum plate, and the joints are specially designed for waterproof drainage, which effectively prevents rainwater from leaking into the lower space of the bleachers through the joints and achieves the waterproof requirement and the connection between the aluminum plates is tighter and not easy to be loosened, which effectively reduces noise.

Shizhan Group, as a pioneer of new type of assembled metal structure bleacher seats and aluminum bleacher seats, is a national high-tech enterprise. It has never interrupted the research and development and exploration of bleacher seats as well as movable bleachers and modularity. We are committed to promoting the application of new technologies and green materials in Outdoor Bleacher. We actively respond to the national policy of promoting assembly-type construction and advocate the environmental protection concept of green building to bring people a better quality of life and environment.

Our Outdoor Bleacher is developing towards the three aspects of "high strength, large span and light weight", which makes its advantages in the market competition more obvious, and has the characteristics of standardized design, factory production, information management and industrialized construction. We will continue to focus on the development of this field, focus on product development, innovation and production process improvement, to build the company in the leading innovative enterprise with technology.

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