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The significance of the use of stage lighting truss

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The shape of the Stage lighting truss can exist as a simple functional device or as a structural framework of the overall shape. On the basis of the frame of the Stage lighting truss, the decoration can be created to suit the theme of the stage. stage lighting truss is very common in stage construction activities, the construction of the Stage lighting truss has a profound impact on the effect of the stage construction.


As part of the Stage lighting truss, the stage is first horizontal so that performers can perform safely and smoothly on the stage. The stage shape is usually built on the basis of the platform, the edge will generally do curved treatment, so that it will look much more beautiful, while the stage can also be made of glass tabletop as needed.

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Stage lighting truss is part of the stage shape, usually the background truss and lighting speakers support frame. Background truss as a background placed behind the stage can be extended to the sides. Different styles can be made according to requirements. Lighting and sound stands are usually set at the top and above the stage, surrounded by truss pillars, the top for hanging lights. In some theaters and large events, the truss is only part of the stage and is used only as a lighting stand. Lightweight trusses are set according to the contour of the stage, such as a T-stage, and trusses are also built above the extension for lighting components. In the case of irregularly shaped stages, please adjust accordingly. Trusses for large outdoor stages will be equipped with a specially shaped truss in the center of the stage to provide both decorative and lighting effects.


The choice of Stage lighting truss is very important in the process of our use. Generally superior Stage lighting truss is not easily deformed and has a certain bearing capacity, with good ability and balance in terms of earthquake and wind resistance. In the performance process can play a good use of lighting effects, its good stability can ensure that the lighting equipment in any position on the truss placement, to know, in the stage, different lighting effects can create an unusual spatial environment, but also to guide the realization of the audience, so as to better highlight the stage effect and enrich the artistic impact. Even more often, the lighting effects with the stage stunts, can make the whole show is fantastic.


Shizhan Group production and sales of Stage lighting truss mostly use national standard aluminum, beautiful appearance, strong stability, good durability, good durability; product structure using a combination of detachable / detachable stack, easy to install, minimize the volume of packaging, convenient transportation; display stand style beautiful, novel, simple when used, non-stereotypical Stage lighting truss can be professionally ordered, professional Stage lighting truss can better set off the characteristics of the product; good product quality has created a good reputation, the expected life of the product is long, good value for money. stage lighting truss applicable services are mostly press conferences, corporate celebrations, receptions, receptions, fellowship, company annual meeting, opening ceremony, exhibition and display, image promotion activities, background wall building, truss building, booth building, film and television conference, work conference, new product promotion, technical exchange, award ceremony, reception, training conference, project signing ceremony, annual meeting of distributors around the world, large celebration activities, forums, celebrations, government meetings, opening ceremony, inauguration, unveiling, trade fair, signing, promotional activities, site set-up, take-down, etc. The company also undertakes performance engineering, exhibition engineering, exhibition special installation, celebration, party, car show design, planning, equipment installation and commissioning and LED large screen, professional audio equipment, large performance lighting equipment, aluminum alloy light frame and stage rental services and industry technical support.


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