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The customer said: The 5,000-meter truss is selected for the Shizhan!

Date: 15.04.2021 Viewed: times
Customer recognition is the driving force for each of us at Shizhan! More than ten years of hard work is for the customer. One sentence: choose Shizhan!

The new round of the epidemic has just passed, the spring has returned to the earth, everything has recovered, and there is a peaceful and happy scene. In such a beautiful atmosphere, Shizhan people just completed the order production of 5000m trusses. Seven 17-meter trucks were loaded last week, and they were delivered to customers on time and in quality and quantity.

When our sales representative handed the waybill to the customer, the corner of the customer's mouth rose again, showing a satisfied smile.

More than a month ago, the customer came to Shizhan for the first time, visited Shizhan, and praised the scale of the Shizhan and the factory area that has undergone strict 6S management (SEIRI, SEITON, SEISO), SEIKETSU, SHITSUKE, and SECURITY ). After 2 hours of negotiation, the client said: I choose Shizhan! Sign the contract and place the order!

Thanks to the trust of customers, Shizhan Group will uphold the entrepreneurial spirit of self-improvement and serving the country by industry, and continue to carry out the company's various management tasks based on the quality policy requirements of customer satisfaction, and contribute to the development of the performing arts and exhibition industries! ! !




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