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Aluminum Truss Provider and Aluminum Truss Rentals

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Jiangsu Shizhan Group Co.,Ltd. was found in 2004 which is specialized in R&D, production and sale of Truss, Stage, Barrier, Scaffolding. As a aluminum truss provider, Shizhan covers an factory area of 35,000m², headquarters located in Wuxi, China.

SHIZHAN Group, as an aluminum truss provider, we have the complete production line from tube and accessories production, to finished product, a strong R&D team of 20 engineers, a professional QC team of 10 engineers, many welders with more than 10 years experience and CNC finishing center. With the 6S management, strict online production and inspection, final product erection test for each order, we guarantee the product precision and quality, make sure to deliver the perfect product to customer.

Some common questions you would ask and corresponding answers are as follows

How to choose the right truss size

Outdoor activities need to build a stage, and building a stage requires some tools, so that the atmosphere of the event can be more infectious and explosive, so the truss must be an indispensable tool. So what is a truss? To put it simply: Trusses are the metal parts on the stage, which are then erected in vertical and horizontal positions so the stage can be held in place. Only the size of the stage will vary, so how does size make a difference when choosing a truss?

Structural classification of trusses.

Triangular classification: This is the original truss type, so there are some shortcomings in design, and there are many unreasonable places in the construction of materials, which are usually only used when building tile houses.

Trapezoid classification: Compared with the triangular truss, the trapezoidal truss has made obvious progress, and the lever becomes uniform in the process of holding it in the hand, so it has been widely used in the construction of industrial plants.

Polygon classification: people in the industry call it a folding truss, which can not only bear the gravity evenly, but also save raw materials, and is very popular in engineering construction.

Fasting classification: The truss adopts the shape of a polygonal truss, which is an improved product of the polygonal truss. Few rods are used at the intersection of trusses, and they are also important components in construction.

aluminum truss provider

Classification of Truss Products

Truss - Fixed Truss: Fixed trusses are expensive to ship but can be recycled. There are two kinds of trusses: round tube and square tube, and their shapes can be selected according to needs.

Truss - Folding Truss: Obviously, folding is its biggest advantage, of course it is more convenient to transport, but it will be reused less often.

Truss - Butterfly truss: The so-called butterfly is definitely superior in appearance and has high artistic value.

Truss-Link Truss: The most expensive one in the truss family, not only has a unique and beautiful shape, but also has outstanding sturdiness and performance.

The process characteristics and dimensions of the truss.

Now with trusses, the firmness is already reflected in the welding. The requirement of welding is to be precise and to ensure the quality of welding. And excellent paint technology is also the diversification of truss colors. If you use a small stage, you can choose a truss of 0.2*0.2m or 0.25*0.25m. And 0.3*0.3m, 0.35*0.35m, 0.4*0.4m belong to the medium-sized truss size. The larger truss sizes are 0.45*0.45m and 0.5*0.5m, which can be selected according to the venue and event. If you need it for a long time, you can also contact the truss manufacturer to customize, and the size can be booked in advance.

Precautions for the installation of movable stage

The floor glue and the floor glue are bonded together (or not connected) with the special connecting tape matched by the dance floor glue manufacturer, and the floor glue and the ground are not glued to facilitate future movement. It can be laid on flat cement floors, marble tiles, terrazzo, epoxy floors, wooden floors and other floors. The surface interface can be welded with special PVC electrodes to achieve seamless smoothness.

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Fixed installation of aluminum truss:

1. Partial bonding: On the ground, the edge of the floor glue is used as the benchmark and the special connecting tape matched by the manufacturer is bonded to the ground.

2. Full glue bonding: The glued joints of the two places on the ground under the floor glue are all bonded to the ground with the special connecting tape matched by the manufacturer.

Specific installation method of aluminum truss

1. The paved ground must be flat and clean.

2. Arrange the floor glue in a good order, align and merge, and pay attention to the overall effect of the site during the paving process.

3. Open two adjacent pieces of floor glue along the seam, put the special connecting tape provided by the manufacturer on the lower side of the seam, first stick one piece of floor glue to half of the connecting tape, and then glue the other piece of floor On the remaining connecting tape, close the gap tightly.

So much for this article, more information would be introduced in the next article.

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