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Aluminum stage truss composition structure and construction method

Date: 11.01.2022 Viewed: times

In daily activities, auto shows, and concerts, we often use aluminum stage trusses, and even our companies will use them when they hold annual meetings. The following editor will introduce you to the aluminum stage truss, because it is uncertain, everyone will use it when participating in the celebration in the future.

First, let's take a look at the structure of the aluminum stage truss:

The aluminum stage truss is mainly composed of the following points: 6082-T6 type, 3mm thick circular aluminum.

A complete set of aluminum stage truss system: mainly composed of aluminum stage trusses of different lengths and specifications, bases, reverse heads, diagonal supports, square sleeves, cross arms, and slings. Build a combination.

Base: It can be divided into two types: iron base and aluminum base. Mainly used for ground stabilization.

Reverse head: It is used when the construction height is high, and the effect of erecting a higher height can be achieved through the reverse head.

Diagonal support: used to support the stability of the whole system of aluminum stage truss.

Square cover: The height of the beam can be easily adjusted through the square cover.

Cross arm: At the top of the truss, it is mainly used to hang the hoist.

Hoist: It can be divided into two types: retractable and electric hoist, which are used to lift aluminum stage trusses.

Sling: The link connecting the hoist to the aluminum stage truss.

Aluminum Stage Truss

The second is the construction method of aluminum stage truss:

1. First place the four bases at the approximate position on the ground, and then drop and connect the lower legs so that they are on a horizontal plane;

2. Insert the part under the diagonal support on the outside of the base on the four corners, and insert 2 pieces in each corner, for a total of 8 pieces;

3. Fix the reverse head on the base with screws. Note that the rotation direction of the reverse head should be the same as the one marked in the figure;

4. Put a square sleeve on the reverse head;

5. Connect the beams on the ground;

6. Connect the two ends of the beam to the two square sleeves on both sides respectively. At this time, the beam parts are assembled on the ground;

7. Connect the column truss flatly, the function of the hoist is to lift the lower beam truss;

8. Stand up the column truss slowly with multiple people, be careful not to push the column with too much force, and then fix the screws on the reverse head;

9. After the column is erected, hook the hook under the hoist to the beam below through the sling;

10. 4 people slowly pull the hanging hoist together and pull the beam to the left and right of the person's head;

11. Install lighting and audio equipment on the beam;

12. 4 people pull together the hanging Huludao to stop at the predetermined height;

13. Tighten one end of the inclined support to the column, and the other end to the horizontal support of the base, so that the aluminum stage frame is completed.

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