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Aluminum stage truss welding precautions

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With the development of variety shows, I believe that many people have seen audition scenes such as Creation 101. Outdoor drafts are often used in auditions, that is, a temporary stage needs to be built to provide players with performances. The construction of this temporary stage is inseparable from the stage truss. The light-weight and affordable stage truss is the aluminum stage truss. The aluminum stage truss is a product that can be used many times. Because it is very easy to install and disassemble, it can save the manpower and material resources of stage installation and disassembly to the greatest extent, and help the stage construction and the completion of activities. There are many choices for the size of the aluminum stage truss. If you need to use a temporary stage for a long time, you can also go directly to the stage truss manufacturer to customize a suitable stage truss. Jiangsu Shizhan Group focuses on the production of high-quality stage trusses of aluminum alloy profiles. Friends in need are welcome to contact us.

Then let's take a look at the things that should be paid attention to in the welding process of aluminum stage truss.

Aluminum Stage Truss

First, due to the temperature during the welding process, the welding of the slat truss is a major point of attack when the aluminum stage truss is made. In fact, many people do not know that the truss slats in the aluminum stage truss are due to its The location and function are different, so the welding method will also be different.

If the temperature is too high during the welding process, the welded end will have a liquefaction reaction, and after the liquefaction reaction, it will rapidly cool down, so this part of the high-temperature welding is more or less irregular. Just like a metal bump, it gives the illusion of being more solid. In fact, it is not. The metal bumps we see are uneven in density, and some places are thick and some places are indeed "puffy". Therefore, when choosing a truss, you must carefully observe whether their welding points are smooth and uniform.

Second, the position of the weld after the welding is finished. The aluminum stage truss itself is a large stressed metal structure. It has undergone countless forging and welding before forming. After each welding, there will be welds. These welds are not simply distributed at the nodes of the slats. Some welds are in other parts of the aluminum stage truss, such as the middle of the bottom welding, the triangular or polygonal trusses are relatively uneven, or the welds appear at non-joint points. These welds are themselves rigid and strong trusses. With the residual stress remaining in the weld, in order to achieve uniform force, the aluminum stage truss may even be deformed.

When building an aluminum stage truss, the requirements for the truss are relatively high. It must have sufficient hardness to ensure the safety of the stage. If the quality of the aluminum stage truss is not good, the built stage will be easily deformed, and it is safe for the actors. brought a great danger.

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