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Aluminum truss maintenance and stage truss material advantage

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The stage truss is very important for stage construction. Whether it is indoors or outdoors, it is one of the indispensable equipment. We also know that no matter what equipment it is, in order to prolong its service life, it needs to be regularly checked. It is inspected and maintained, and the same is true for the stage truss. Its use is not one-time, but repeated. Therefore, we must know how to maintain the stage truss, so what should we do?

Aluminum Truss Maintenance

Next, we will introduce some maintenance methods for stage truss:

1. When cleaning, do not use a rag to wipe it hard like cleaning other furniture. After a long time, the surface of the truss will be rubbed and the original gloss will be lost, making the stage truss look very shabby. Even if you use a rag, do not use coarse cloth or old clothing, as this will also scratch the stage truss. Do not use soapy water and detergent for cleaning, because soapy water and detergent are alkaline substances, which will cause corrosion to the truss and reduce the service life of the stage truss.

2. The surface of the stage truss is easily corroded, so the truss should be regularly re-treated with anti-corrosion. Spray wax or anti-corrosion paint after removing the embroidered part. In addition, the pins and rivets at the middle joints should also be checked regularly to ensure their firmness, so as to avoid hidden dangers caused by loosening during the performance, which may cause serious consequences.

3. If the stage truss is spray-painted, it can be wiped with water as appropriate.

Truss material advantage

Stage Truss Material Advantage

The construction of the stage itself is very important to quality. In fact, it is far more than quality. At this time, we still need many factors, so we can do nothing. In fact, there is a way. The choice of our truss must be The required material is light and has strong pressure resistance, which is the first criterion for selection.

We can also see the durability of such materials. In fact, the construction of stage trusses is a very demanding thing. It needs many factors to meet the conditions of our construction. At this time, can our trusses meet the requirements. It depends on your own conditions. A rigid truss can actually meet our requirements. Is there a more suitable one at this time?

In fact, many of our trusses are made of new materials, and there are different types of materials that can meet different requirements, so our stage trusses can also be selected among them. In many cases, we don't seem to think that What are the advantages of such a new type of material? As long as we use it, we can find its advantages, and this is the advantage of some good products that we can see.

Stage truss material advantage

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