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Aluminum truss stage purchase and use advice

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Aluminum truss stage's advantageous feature is that the scope of application is relatively universal, aluminum truss stage can be used for some outdoor activities of some small performances, handling up very convenient, can also be used for some indoor exhibition stand, can play a very good support effect, and the installation and disassembly is also relatively easy, aluminum truss stage can also be used for some effects of the show, can create their own desired effect, of course, can also be used for some professional outdoor activities of medium-sized performance, the effect is better.


How to use Aluminum truss stage to enhance the display effect?

What should I do if I don't have enough space to build the Aluminum truss stage?

How to know the good time of the year to purchase Aluminum truss stage?


How to use Aluminum truss stage to enhance the display effect?

Aluminum truss stage is very stable, so you don't have to worry about its sturdiness due to the violent dance.


Aluminum truss stage is to have actors to perform, and also put some performance equipment, which will undoubtedly add weight to the stage truss, the stage truss needs to have a very solid construction, to be welded on every side, and the welding density should be as high as possible, and to be even, so that it will be more beautiful.


The above are some tips for Aluminum truss stage, you can build it according to your own stage needs.


What should I do if I don't have enough space to build the Aluminum truss stage?

Aluminum truss stage is temporarily built up with aluminum trusses, and outdoor commercial performances are usually held in densely populated areas such as shopping malls, but in a city where every inch of land is gold and there are many tall buildings, it seems that the place to build a stage is not that well chosen. The Shizhan Group offers the following solutions to the problem of not having a large enough venue during the construction process.


Aluminum truss stage site selection should first consider the safety issues, the scene of the flow of people, to avoid collapse accidents and other occurrences, affecting the safety of life. Secondly, choose a wide square to build, according to the needs of the event, build the right size of the stage, small Aluminum truss stage light, build also more time-saving, the stage is not the larger the better, the key lies in the safety or not, the glory of the scene depends on the lighting effects on the lighting rack.


The venue is not big enough, you can consider the size of the Aluminum truss stage itself, you can also choose the square and other open space, but no matter where you choose, safety is always an important issue, aluminum background frame, lighting frame to ensure its solidity, the stage can choose good quality Aluminum truss stage.


How to know the good time of the year to purchase Aluminum truss stage?

Many customers who are in contact with Aluminum truss stage for the first time inevitably have this question, which time of the year is the good time to purchase Aluminum truss stage? Today, Shizhan Group would like to give some useful advice to our customers on this issue.


Although the timing of purchasing Aluminum truss stage has some influence, Shizhan Group suggests to exclude the price fluctuation of steel and aluminum alloy materials.


Every year, April, September, December or January are the traditional "high season" for stage trusses. When the high season arrives, the inventory of each manufacturer is emptied and the products are sold off, so naturally there can be no preferential measures for prices.


On the contrary, in the off-season outside of the peak season, manufacturers have a lot of pressure on inventory and various promotional policies are introduced one after another, which is the time to buy Aluminum truss stage.

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