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Layher Bleacher application

Date: 09.05.2020 Viewed: times
The shizhan Group is not only committed to the sale of truss stage systems, but once you have a truss stage, you must think of the stands. SHIZHAN Group provides a series of services such as truss stage, scaffolding and Bleacher. For stadiums and exhibition organizers, shizhan Group is the best choice.
Bleacher is mainly used in large-scale concerts, gymnasiums, schools and multifunctional conference halls, exhibition halls, theaters, concert halls, etc. Let the venue function of the event Bleacher be maximized; meet the diverse needs of various venues. In order to improve installation efficiency, it is generally recommended to use this type of Bleacher in certain large-scale activities.

They are easy to install and easy to assemble. Therefore, they can be changed to any size with different layers and seats to a certain extent. In addition, the capacity of the bleaching agent exceeds 10,000, which can reach 30 storeys high.

Layher Bleacher

The main material of Bleacher is steel plate, and the panel is 18mm thick anti-skid plywood or 2.5mm anti-skid steel plate. The load-bearing capacity can reach 400kg per square meter. In addition, Bleacher's seat can be a waist back or a mid back. Various bleacher components are available for sale. At the same time, the World Exhibition Group can also provide bleacher customized services according to customer needs.

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