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Building knowledge you need to know about after buying the stage light truss

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Stage light truss can be seen everywhere, and many activities need to be carried out on Stage light truss, so it is important to pay attention to the aesthetics and practicality when building Stage light truss. Of course, there are certain skills to build Stage light truss. In order to ensure the effect of Stage light truss, Shizhan Group will share with you some details to pay attention to when building Stage light truss.


Stage light truss building skills

Different stages corresponding to the Stage light truss build method

The difference between square tube Truss and round tube truss in application


Stage light truss building skills

1. the columns of all Stage light trusses are now attached and secured on the ground.


2. all the crossbeams are also connected and secured on the ground.


3. erect any two adjacent columns, making sure that someone is holding and securing them to prevent them from falling over.


4. place the corresponding beams under the two uprights, place a ladder under each of the two uprights, with one person holding one end of the beam and the other holding the other end of the beam, ascend the ladder at the same time and connect the beams to the uprights by screws.


5. after the beams are connected, someone must hold them below to prevent them from falling down.


6. put up one of the uprights and connect the other beam to it in the same way, taking care that the latter one is connected at an angle to the former one so that the erected trusses will not fall down.


7. after all the uprights are erected, connect all the crossbeams and check whether the screws are tightened to prevent slippage.


8. mount the light box cloth picture, the whole Stage light truss is finished.


Different stages corresponding to the Stage light truss build method

The stage is divided into open-air type, auditorium type, also ancient stage, modern stage, each kind of stage has different Stage light truss building method.


The main composition of truss theater building refers to the performance place in front of the auditorium. The main stage of ancient amphitheater is mostly stretched out in front of the audience, or lower than the audience (such as the stage of ancient Greek fan theater), or higher than the audience (such as our temple platform), for the audience to see the play from three sides. The stage of indoor theater is generally facing the audience, with mirror frame stage, projecting stage, center stage, etc.


Truss throughout the usual life, the use of raw materials, the choice of better quality aluminum alloy material, can ensure the role of Stage light truss quality. A good stage and Stage light truss are inseparable, and it is important to seek advice from relevant people in the process of building the stage.


Shizhan Group can plan the Stage light truss according to the characteristics of the goods, and then add the conceptual LOGO signage, so that the user's goods eye-catching display in front of the public, and then increase the role of publicity and advertising of goods, Shizhan Stage light truss worth everyone's choice.


The difference between square tube truss and round tube truss in application

There are many kinds of Stage light trusses, among which round tube truss and square tube truss are the most popular trusses in the market, both of them have the features of easy installation and good bearing capacity, which are the more popular Stage light trusses. However, there is a big difference between square tube truss and round tube truss. Next, follow the Shizhan group manufacturer to understand the difference between round tube truss and square tube truss.


Round tube truss, as the name implies, uses cylindrical aluminum profiles welded into a single truss unit, whose four main round tubes are welded and often cannot be folded, while the profile of square tube truss is square column type, which is of course only one of the differences between the two.


In addition, it is not difficult to find that square tube truss is the more common type of truss on the market, because its bearing capacity is large enough, and at the same time, it does not need to be connected with a square head during installation, which is more convenient and stable, so it is very widely used. Round tube joist needs to be connected with square head, although its supporting weight is also large, but the installation cost is increased compared with square tube joist.


Shizhan Group summarizes: square tube truss is beautiful in appearance, style and function, and can be reused, which is very suitable for wedding company, corporate exhibition and other activities, while round tube truss, with strong bearing capacity, needs square head for corner construction, which is suitable for large span construction.

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