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Common outdoor activity stage equipment construction problems

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With the improvement of culture and entertainment life and the improvement of people's consumption ability, stage equipment rental has become one of the important businesses of most school organizations, concerts, entertainment venues, event companies, planning companies, etc. A series of professional stage equipment It can better render the atmosphere and infect the scene. But before the stage equipment rental, SHIZHAN event stage construction company reminds you to pay attention to these four common stage equipment problems.

1. About stage lighting

Stage lighting is a very important part of the event. Before the event starts, it is necessary to conduct a specific analysis according to the situation of the event site. You can communicate and discuss with the lighting technicians, and listen to the opinions of professionals if the requirements are met. In the early stage, it is necessary to have a general understanding of contemporary and traditional lighting methods and performance forms, and to know what kind of effect the stage lighting you rent needs to show. This outdoor stage construction problems is first thing we should pay attention.

2. About the stage LED display board

The service life of the accessories involved in the stage LED display is closely related to the climate temperature. Almost the current atmosphere of the performance is very strong. The enthusiastic and excited audience will also increase the temperature of the scene environment. Although the LED display It will dissipate heat itself, but it cannot be ruled out that the heat of the LED display cannot be discharged because the ambient temperature is too high, which will greatly reduce the service life of the LED display. This is the second activity stage construction problems we should notice

3. About stage sound

In the stage equipment rental, the stage sound also directly affects the on-site effect. Generally, the sound is rented for stage performances. Therefore, once the sound problem occurs during the performance, it will greatly affect the atmosphere of the scene, and the sound problem can really be big or small. even cause irreparable losses. Therefore, before the stage audio rental, the audio must be debugged and tested many times, and the on-site test must be carried out at the beginning of the event. During the rental period of the stage equipment, pay attention to the place where it is placed, avoid water ingress, and pay attention to moisture-proof. Electrical equipment will be easily burnt out after it enters the water. This is the third activity stage construction problems we should focus on.

4. About stage construction

In addition to all kinds of essential electrical and electronic equipment, the stage is needed in various performances, conferences, weddings, celebrations and other activities. However, according to different venues, the shape, size, height and design of the stage have different requirements. Therefore, before determining the stage, it is also necessary to conduct an actual measurement and inspection of the venue. In the actual process, the stage must be considered. Safety, aesthetics, to achieve good results. This is the last activity stage construction problems we have to note.

In terms of stage equipment rental, if you are not professional enough, you still need to hire a professional event stage construction company to complete it. Of course, you must always supervise the safety.

Four common stage equipment problems should we pay attention to when we hold exhibition

(1) Investigation and analysis of exhibitions

The market research of the exhibition is an important basis for the selection of the exhibition. Under normal circumstances, market research should be based on the characteristics of the local and regional economic structure, industrial structure, geographical location, traffic conditions and exhibition facilities, etc., and conduct research around the market. The main contents of the market survey include the investigation of the exhibition environment, the investigation of the exhibition enterprise, the investigation of the exhibition project, the investigation of the competition in the exhibition market, and the investigation of the visitors and the supporting and assisting units. Only on the basis of a full understanding of market potential, market constraints and market dynamics, can targeted planning be carried out.

(2) Decision-making and planning of exhibitions

Making an exhibition decision is a decision-making process, and you should master certain decision-making strategies. The factors that affect the decision-making of the exhibition include marketing needs, market conditions, marketing methods, internal conditions, etc. The decision-making and planning of the exhibition should start from analyzing the elements of decision-making, determine the basic goals, collective goals and management goals of the exhibition, and then decide the strategic arrangement of the exhibition, Market arrangement, method arrangement, etc.

(3) The operation and implementation of the exhibition

The operation and implementation of the exhibition is the central link of the exhibition, and it is also the focus of the exhibition planning. This stage includes specific arrangements for the exhibition, such as advertising work, organization of exhibition and investment promotion, exhibition design work, and planning of exhibition-related activities.

(1) The main methods of exhibition publicity include media advertising (professional media, mass media, conferences and seminars, etc.) and outdoor advertising (posters, light boxes, billboards, bunting, etc.).

(2) In the preparation stage of exhibitor and investment invitation, it is necessary to establish a list of potential clients, design and distribute exhibitor brochures, and be familiar with intellectual property issues in exhibitors.

(3) The steps of exhibition work planning are generally as follows: First, according to actual needs, the work is divided into exhibition and investment group, design and construction, exhibits transportation, publicity and liaison, administrative logistics, booth work, follow-up work and other major categories; second, List specific items in detail under the major categories; third, clarify the relationship between the work; fourth, regularly check the progress and quality of the work, and find and solve problems in a timely manner.

(4) Evaluation and measurement of the effect of the exhibition

Planning, implementation and evaluation are the three steps of modern management. The evaluation and measurement of the effect of the exhibition is an indispensable work for the overall verification of the planning and implementation of the exhibition. When the entire exhibition planning and implementation work is completed, the exhibition personnel should conduct assessments in a timely manner, sum up experience, find problems, and write a summary report on the evaluation and measurement work, so as to prepare historical references for future exhibition work.

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