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Concert truss and truss frame

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The stage is a place for performances, and the safety of the stage is also related to the truss of the stage. Therefore, choosing a professional stage truss is particularly important for the safety of the personnel on the stage.

So what types of concert trusses are there?

1. Ladder concert truss

Compared with the triangular truss, the force condition of the members has been improved, and it is easier to satisfy the technical requirements of certain industrial plants when used in the roof truss. If the upper and lower chords of a trapezoidal truss are parallel, it is a parallel-chord truss. The stress status of the members is slightly worse than that of the trapezoid, but the type of web member flying will be greatly reduced, and it is mostly used in bridges and trestle bridges.

2. Polygon concert truss

Also called polyline truss. Under the uniform load effect, the shape of the first-class stage truss is similar to the bending moment graph of the simply supported beam, so the upper and lower chord axial forces are evenly distributed, the web axial force is small, and the material used is very small, which is more commonly used in engineering. A kind of truss method. The upper chord node is located on the second parabola. If the upper chord is arched, the bending moment generated by the inter-node load can be reduced, but the manufacturing will be more complicated.

Truss frame is a plane or space structure frame composed of straight rods and generally has a triangular unit, generally square column type, and is mostly used for outdoor temporary exhibition sheds and background skeleton construction. Also called truss. Each country and department has its own standards. At present, we usually use the following standards:

GB—Chinese National Standard (National Standard) ANSI—American National Standard (American Standard)

DIN—German National Standard (German Standard) ASME—American Society of Mechanical Engineers Standard

JIS—Japanese National Standard (Japanese Standard) BSW—British National Standard

Some introductions of Truss frame:

Truss frame: It is a plane or space structure. It is composed of a square tube or a round tube as the main pipe. A certain number of auxiliary tubes and inclined tubes are added according to the load-bearing needs. It is often used for activities, performance stage background construction, lighting and sound hanging or Outdoor booth opening celebration scaffolding construction, the performance characteristics of aluminum alloy allows the truss rack to be well displayed in terms of weight, load-bearing, and stability. Truss frame is also called analysis frame, aluminum alloy frame, concert stage truss, lighting frame, etc.

The structure is relatively diverse. The common classifications are: triangular analysis racks and square analysis racks, or flat double-ended racks (less used), and higher-cost butterfly racks and folding racks connected by folding parts, according to their unique characteristics Distinguish the Truss shelf.

Truss frame supervisor material: aluminum alloy round tube

The single-bent frame with simple structure and small load-bearing capacity is often used for small event backgrounds and light hangings.

The tripod has a general load-bearing capacity, and the three main pipes are in a stable triangular structure, with minimal materials to achieve very good results. It is suitable for general activities, and can be used to build background frames, light frames, small exhibition scaffolds, etc.

The square tube tetragonal truss has excellent load-bearing safety capabilities. The frame has a square shape, which lacks vitality and gives a sense of seriousness and formality. It is often used in large and small outdoor racks such as stage lighting racks and movable scaffolds.

The round tube square frame has strong bearing capacity and beautiful appearance. It is often used to build stage backgrounds, stage lighting stands, exhibition stands, etc.

Foldable tripod, through the link of folding parts, the shelf can be folded during transportation and placement, reducing transportation costs and storage space. It is the same as the normal tripod, but the cost is relatively high.

The butterfly frame, the butterfly-shaped link component, makes the concert stage truss more stylish and beautiful, and the cost is higher.

Points to note during the use of concert stage trusses:

1.Do not mix trusses from different companies without professional technical guidance from related manufacturers.

2. Excessive polishing and drilling on the aluminum frame will damage the quality of the truss.

3.It is forbidden to hang heavy objects on the inclined pipe

4.If the truss is found to be defective, it should be stopped immediately.

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