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What should be considered when building a stage truss?

Date: 17.01.2022 Viewed: times

In some activities, especially cultural and recreational activities, stage trusses have played an irreplaceable role in them. Building a safe and uniquely designed stage can not only provide a platform for the display of various performances or products, but also add a lot of color to the event with exquisite modeling design, which is the icing on the cake. It can be seen that the construction of the stage truss is not just to build a table, but to be combined with the design of the event itself, taking into account many factors.

In the construction of the stage truss, the first thing to be solved is the problem of the venue. Compared with the indoor stage, the construction of the outdoor stage truss needs to pay attention to the leveling of the ground and whether there is a place where a large number of audiences gather at the event site. In the process of building the stage truss, it is necessary to prepare the equipment and parts required for the installation of the truss in advance, and plan the stage effect according to the theme of the display to ensure that all the preparations are foolproof.

The second is to determine the environment of the stage truss before construction, including: stage length, truss length, area division and restrictions, etc. These are all key factors. Confirming the size of the outer frame of the stage truss is because if the indoor environment and height are limited, the stage truss cannot be installed, then it will be a waste of time, and it may seriously affect the normal activities. After the truss is installed, the safety of the stage truss must be guaranteed. It is recommended that users formulate strict installation and use standards in advance to avoid unnecessary trouble later.

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In the stage truss market, some manufacturers produce stage truss products of poor quality and cutting corners in order to obtain high profits. These manufacturers may make profits in a short period of time, but if things go on like this, consumers will eventually see through the "trick", and they will never again. Go buy these stage truss products.

On the contrary, the stage truss manufacturers who manage carefully and produce high-quality products will gain the trust of consumers and start their own brands.

If one day, stage truss manufacturers lose business opportunities, then this is not a "natural disaster" but a "man-made disaster". The success of the brand requires long-term operation and maintenance, and what is more necessary is to look at the market with the keen eye of a prophet. Early preparation is the key, and of course the quality of the stage truss is the support.

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