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Do you know the characteristics of the exhibition truss?

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The reason why exhibition trusses are used in many buildings is because of the perfect structural characteristics of exhibition trusses, which make the products stable and firm when applied to buildings. Our company strictly produces according to the production level to ensure the quality of the products. The following editor will introduce the structural characteristics of the exhibition truss, so that everyone can understand the products better.

The force of each member of the exhibition truss is mainly one-way tension and compression. The reasonable arrangement of the upper and lower chords and web members can adapt to the bending moment and shear force distribution inside the structure. Since the internal forces of horizontal tension and compression achieve self-balance, the entire structure does not generate horizontal thrust on the support.

The exhibition truss structure is flexible and has a wide range of applications. Compared with solid web beams, the truss beams at the exhibition are flexurally resistant. Since the tension and compression sections are concentrated on the upper and lower ends, the internal force arms are increased, so that greater flexural strength can be achieved with the same amount of material. . In terms of shear resistance, the shear force can be gradually transferred to the support through the reasonable arrangement of the web rods.

In this way, whether it is bending or shear resistance, the exhibition truss structure can give full play to the strength of the material, which is suitable for building roof structures of various spans. The more important significance is that it converts the complex stress state inside the solid web beam under the action of transverse bending into a simple tension and compression stress state in the exhibition truss members, so that we can intuitively understand the force distribution and transmission, and facilitate the structure Variations and combinations.

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Six characteristics of exhibition trusses produced by our company:

1. Four-sided welding: stronger than two-sided welding.

2. Full of materials: never cut corners to ensure the safe use of exhibition trusses.

3. High-strength materials: adopt national standard high-strength aluminum alloy materials, 6061-T6 and 6082-T6, which are stronger than 6063.

4. Process: The surface is polished, cleaned with professional syrup, and then packaged for delivery.

5. Soldering joints: fish-scale solder joints, uniform solder joints, no black soldering, no missing soldering, and professional quality inspection technicians to monitor the entire production process. Ensure the truss level of the exhibition and ensure the safety of use.

6. Standardized processing: There are professional exhibition truss positioning platform molds, with accurate hole positions, convenient and quick installation and disassembly, and the built effect is very beautiful.

The stage exhibition truss has a variety of sizes to choose from.

In general, the construction of the entire exhibition truss is more complicated, because the overall beauty of the booth and various details will be considered. Therefore, when the World Exhibition Group treats customers with such needs, they will summarize the needs of customers. , And then inform the designers of the product center of the requirements. After calculating the configuration of the exhibition truss, the designer will send the overall construction drawings to the customer.

Jiangsu World Exhibition Group has been deeply involved in the truss industry for more than ten years, with rich experience and many successful cases. We have a professional R&D and after-sales team. You are welcome to call for detailed inquiries.


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