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Factors should we notice in celebration truss construction

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Everyone knows that stage trusses use different types of stage trusses at different event sites. It is particularly important to choose a suitable set of trusses to fully play the corresponding role whether it is used for stage construction or building construction. Especially with the improvement of truss technology, there are more and more professional truss manufacturers, which provides great convenience for our industry. However, it is still necessary to remind users that the choice of stage truss can be considered from these aspects.

First consider the selection of the stage aluminum plate stage truss construction structure: the use of the building, the architectural shape, the waterproof structure of the roof, the span of the roof aluminum plate stage truss construction, the supply of structural materials, construction technology and other factors, as well as the characteristics and scope of application of various aluminum plate stage truss constructiones should be considered. The aluminum plate stage truss construction structure should be reasonable in force, advanced in technology, and economical and applicable.

Second, each type of precautions in stage truss construction can play its own role, but the premise is to know and understand the construction method, and I hope to provide you with useful information.

Third, the application of precautions in stage truss construction structure: civil buildings, industrial buildings, public buildings, entertainment facilities, construction equipment, highway bridges, almost covering all fields of civil engineering. Common precautions in stage truss construction structures include bent structures, ship offshore platforms, high-rise buildings and precautions in stage truss construction bridges.

Finally, bent frame structure generally refers to a structural system composed of roof trusses and columns, which is often used in single-story industrial workshops. Compared with rigid frame structures, it is more suitable for industrial buildings with large span requirements. Common forms of bents include single-span bents, multi-span bents, equal-height bents, unequal-height bents and zigzag bents.

Let's talk about some precautions for stage construction

aluminum plate stage truss construction
1. The height of the stage

The specifications of the celebration stage generally have the following three types: 20cm height, 40cm height, 60cm height, but it can also be made into 80cm height and 1 meter height.First, the stage with a height of 20cm and 40cm is generally suitable for small and medium-sized activities or indoor activities. It is very likely that everyone will ask, why is the height of the stage related to the size and venue of the event?

2. Why do small and medium-sized events choose a stage with a height of 20cm and 40cm

Generally, you don't want to be too far away from the audience, such as product promotions, birthday patys, internal company annual meetings, etc. Therefore, I hope to be able to get in close contact with the convenience of the stage, and I can't keep a distance from the audience, so I will use a stage that is not very high, and a stage height of 20cm is the most suitable.

3. Why do indoor venues choose to build a stage with a height of 20cm and 40cm

General hotels or ordinary indoors have certain height restrictions. If the height of the stage is too high, the distance between the people on the stage and the roof will be too close, which makes it easy to feel a sense of oppression and incongruity. Therefore, the indoor stage is generally not too high, but the indoor space is very large, and if the height is high enough, this is another matter!

Second, the stage with a height of 40cm is the most commonly used, and it is the most beautiful to build, especially for celebration stage construction, such as opening ceremony, groundbreaking ceremony, launching ceremony, unveiling ceremony, groundbreaking ceremony, capping ceremony or large-scale company annual meeting activities will use 40cm the stage.

Why do medium-scale celebrations choose a stage with a height of 40cm? On the one hand, it is the atmosphere of the event: formal, serious and grand. I hope to keep a certain distance from the audience, but also need a certain degree of interaction and intimacy.

Third, the stage with a height of 60cm. It is suitable for occasions where the venue is large and the number of people participating in the event is large, so that the audience in front does not block the sight of the audience behind, so a relatively high stage such as 60cm is selected. There are also some special occasions or specific events that need to build a stage with a height of more than 60cm, such as some large-scale events, such as star meetings, concerts and other occasions.

4, The safety of the stage

The stage safety of a professional celebration company can be guaranteed. After all, this is also the job of the victim, and it is also the most basic thing. If the stage safety cannot be guaranteed, it cannot be called a company.

For the majority of customers, it should be noted that if heavy objects need to be placed on the stage, or if there are a lot of people on the stage, be sure to talk to the stage construction company in advance to make preparations, such as requiring support under the stage Add more iron shelves, or add more load-bearing wooden boxes below, and use double-layer stage boards for stage boards, etc.

5, The beauty of the stage

After the celebration stage truss construction infrastructure is built, carpets will be laid on the surface of the celebration stage truss construction, which are usually bright red carpets, but also white, black and other color carpets, which can be customized according to customer requirements. The front and side of the celebration stage truss construction will be surrounded by borders. After all these are done, a very beautiful celebration stage truss construction will be presented. In the process of celebration stage truss construction and beautification, brand new carpets should be used, and reused carpets should be avoided. The edges of the celebration stage truss construction should be seamlessly spliced together, so as to be more beautiful and more atmospheric!

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