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Factors that Influence Stage Truss Price

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Stage trusses are widely used in indoor and outdoor performances. As for the price of stage truss rental or purchase, many users have no way of asking. As a professional stage truss manufacturer, I will list some elements of the stage truss price with you. When you need to buy or rent in the future, you will not worry about asking.

The price of stage trusses first depends on the material

The price of the stage truss made of steel and aluminum alloys is different, and the price of the material is the most important factor affecting the price of the product.

Then depends on the size of the stage truss

According to different occasions and different functional requirements of stage truss, its wall thickness, diameter, length and other specifications will also affect the price.

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Shipping of the stage truss is also a must-included part of the price

Due to the volume and weight of the goods, the distance of the harvesting address, and the different logistics and transportation companies, the price of aluminum alloy spigot truss color

stage trusses will be different. Many manufacturers will not include the freight when quoting, but report the aluminum alloy spigot truss size freight in real time according to the weight and volume of the specific goods, such as Quotes are accurate and reasonable.

Other factors

Some buyers choose customized products when purchasing, the shape of customized products such as special-shaped truss, customized product specifications such as bridge truss, and even customized product color, red truss or aluminum alloy spigot truss color. The price of these customized products should be consulted directly with the manufacturer, and the sales staff aluminum alloy spigot truss size will give an accurate quotation according to the difficulty of the customized products and the production time.

How is the lighting frame of the truss stage constructed?

The truss stage is the temporary stage that we have contacted the most at present. It is built with a truss structure. The typical external feature of the truss stage is a space structure frame built by many aluminum alloy skeletons.

The lighting frame is the face of the truss stage, and the construction of the lighting frame will directly affect the overall effect of the stage. The lighting frame of the aluminum alloy spigot truss color has its own professional name, called the aluminum alloy TRUSS frame, and the lighting frame is just our nickname for it.

The lighting frame of the truss stage is a plane or space structure frame composed of straight rods, generally with triangular units, generally square column aluminum alloy spigot truss color type, and is mostly used for outdoor temporary exhibition booths and Beijing skeleton construction. A variety of shapes can be built without site restrictions.

The lighting frame of the truss stage has a maximum span of 20M and a height of 7M. The specifications of the lighting frame of the truss stage are different according to the size of the stage. The construction of the lighting frame of the truss stage is to build a square structure.

Stage lighting stands are generally made of aluminum alloy and steel pipe, but now the steel pipe material is basically used by few people, and most of them use aluminum alloy lighting stands. The lighting frame of the truss stage has a single aluminum alloy lighting frame set to turn up. The main components of a built aluminum alloy spigot truss color system include the following: base, square sleeve, corner, adapter, aluminum alloy light stand, cross arm, hoist, etc. On the stage that is often seen, those aluminum alloy spigot truss size frames supported by aluminum alloys are the truss stage.

SHIZHAN Stage Truss Recommendation

A Spigot truss is a framework, which consists of rafters, messages, as well as struts, and also allows to sustain various structures and is commonly made use of in audio and also lights feald. Spigot truss is a body that "consists of two- force participants only, where the team of people that has actually arranged to ensure that the assembled overall as well as acts like a single item". A 'two-forced participant' is developed by parts where force is applied in 2 factors.

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