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Fit-up Stage Construction Company Selection Tips

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More and more companies are looking for fit-up stage construction company, so how to judge the level of a stage construction company? First of all, it is necessary to understand what stage construction is. Stage construction is a limited, advanced and guided activity that will be carried out at the initial stage of the event and sometimes even throughout the event.

fit-up stage construction company selection tips

In the operation of the entire event, the "stage" can be said to be the "core", which is the soul of the entire event. Stage construction refers to the planning company's overall deployment and forward-looking planning of event project establishment, program implementation, brand establishment and promotion, related activities, event marketing and event management based on the information collected and mastered by the organizer.

Planning to design the whole process of the event in an all-round way and find the best solution to achieve the goal of the company's activities. Generally speaking, the primary goal of fit-up stage construction company is to make the event decent and beautiful, which involves the professionalism of the fit-up stage construction company. To observe the professionalism of a company, first look at the company's website: First, whether there is its own official website. Second, whether the content of the website is full or not, the regular website will not directly put a few pictures, only one contact information. The company's official website represents the corporate image, and a good company will definitely pay attention to the image of the official website. A professional website will never be stingy with maintaining face.

Furthermore, the cases of fit-up stage construction company must be very rich, and companies with many types and cases can consider cooperation. A company with many cases must have a guaranteed reputation in the industry, and a large number of types means that the company has a wide range of coverage, rich planning experience, and can be competent for multi-industry and multi-field planning solutions.

Finally, it depends on the execution ability of the fit-up stage construction company. The speed of producing the plan is generally more professional in three to five days. If the plan is issued too quickly, it may not be serious enough, and the efficiency of the plan too slow is not recommended. In addition, the resources in the hands of the planning company should also be assessed. A good company will generally establish a supplier base, which can find suitable resources according to the different needs of Party A, and better solve problems for Party A.

Jiangsu Shizhan Group Co.,Ltd. was found in 2004 which is specialized in R&D, production and sale of Truss, Stage, Barrier, Scaffolding. As a fit-up stage construction company, Shizhan covers an factory area of 35,000m², headquarters located in Wuxi, China . One hour from Shanghai by high-speed train.

We have the complete production line from tube and accessories production, to finished product, a strong R&D team of 20 engineers, a professional QC team of 10 engineers, many welders with more than 10 years experience and CNC finishing center. With the 6S management, strict online production and inspection, final product erection test for each order, we guarantee the product precision and quality, make sure to deliver the perfect product to customer.

As a leader fit-up stage construction company, Shizhan Group was awarded the honor of Wuxi Technology Center by government, and passed the certificate of CE, SGS, TUV, BV, ISO9001. Our product export to more than 150 country. Shizhan focus on to be your reliable partner , let's cooperate together to show the beauty of the world, make safer performance.

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