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Foldable stage aluminum truss features and design

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Nowadays, with the continuous upgrading of various technologies, many stage trusses have basically formed their own industrial chains, especially in the current era of continuous innovation and development, the truss of this folding stage has also become the industry. The darling of the above, because it not only retains the advantages of the traditional truss, but also has better waterproof and anti-corrosion functions, especially in many open-air venues, the effect is more obvious.

Foldable Stage Aluminum Truss Features

There are many types of trusses, so in the current market development, the development of stage truss products is relatively extensive, and the advantages of our manufacturer's folding stage truss are also more prominent, and the purchase of our manufacturer's folding stage truss The product is the one that can guarantee the advantages to provide you with greater convenience.

Folding stage trusses can not only cope with harsh environments, especially in wet environments, without deformation. The disassembly and assembly of the folding truss is also relatively convenient, and at the same time, it occupies a relatively small space, which not only ensures more convenient and fast transportation, but also does not require too much manpower and material resources when using it, and also has a relatively small space. High aluminum alloy material, its firmness also does not need you to worry. Folding stage trusses are mainly used in various celebrations.

foldable stage aluminum alloy truss

Foldable Stage Aluminum Truss Design

The stage truss is usually composed of one or more platforms. The main stage of the ancient amphitheatre mostly extends forward in the auditorium, or lower than the auditorium (such as the stage of the ancient Greek fan-shaped theater), or higher than the auditorium (such as China The temple platform), for the audience to watch the play from three sides. The stage of the indoor theater is usually facing the auditorium, with a framed stage, a protruding stage, and a center stage.

Stage design is the design of the "stage" as the object, and more specifically the design of stage equipment, lighting, curtains, sound, performance props, suspension and replacement bracket systems, costumes, and make-up. Similar to the display design, these objects are all "supporting roles", and the "performance activities" should be the protagonists.

In addition, the stage truss design also has the characteristics of the time dimension of the plot. In terms of the degree of sophistication of stage design, it can be roughly divided into three types: open-air stage, mobile stage, and indoor stage. In terms of the development of stage design, there are also different types in the West and my country.

In the West, there were major technological breakthroughs in stage design during the Renaissance, including: framed stage, perspective set, false perspective, fast (rotating) changing side curtain system, etc. "Design has become the main content of Western stage design, and through the Renaissance, this stage design has quickly spread from Italy to the entire Western world.

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As far as the content of the stage truss design is concerned, there are mainly three parts: the auditorium, the stage and the backstage. The auditorium includes the seats, the sound environment, the viewing angle, the path of entry and exit, and the physical environment; the stage includes lighting, curtains, Sound, performance props, suspension and replacement bracket systems, costumes, make-up, etc.; the backstage includes dress-up make-up, civil and military field (band), transition passage, basic props display, and preparation space, etc.

Therefore, the abilities required for stage truss design include: knowledge of performance activities (or theatrical performances), stage painting, prop making (art crafts), stage lighting, knowledge of the evolution of props and costume styles, knowledge of music and drama, Knowledge of sound control, etc.

Foldable Stage Aluminum Truss Manufacturer & Supplier

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