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Four Problems should We Notice in Outdoor Stage

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The current society is developing rapidly, and various activities are gradually increasing. When people organize activities, the requirements for outdoor stage construction are getting higher and higher, but some people do not understand outdoor stage construction at all, and do not know how to Where to start. Today, we have compiled four questions that you need to pay attention to when building an outdoor stage!

The problem of stage height

At present, the most common heights for outdoor stage construction are: 20cm, 40cm, and 60cm.

1. The 20cm adjustable acrylic stage for sale is suitable for small and medium-sized activities or indoor activities, such as: commodity promotion activities, birthday paty, internal company annual meeting, etc.

2. The adjustable acrylic stage for sale with a height of 40cm is the most commonly used, suitable for opening ceremony, foundation laying ceremony, launching ceremony, unveiling ceremony, groundbreaking ceremony, capping ceremony or large-scale company annual meeting activities.

3. The adjustable acrylic stage for sale with a height of 60cm is suitable for occasions with large venues and a large number of participants, such as certain large-scale events, such as star meetings, concerts and other occasions.

The safety of the stage

As a professional stage construction company in Henan, the safety of the stage is the most important and the most basic. If the stage is not safe to build, is it still professional? For customers, if heavy objects need to be placed on the stage Or if there are many people standing, you must talk to the staff first, so as to take the best safety measures.

adjustable acrylic stage for sale

The beauty of the stage

After the construction of the outdoor outdoor acrylic stage for sale is completed, a carpet will be laid on the outdoor acrylic stage for sale, and the color can be customized according to the customer's requirements. When beautifying the outdoor acrylic stage for sale, the carpet must be brand new, and the edges must be seamlessly spliced. Doing these details will make the outdoor acrylic stage for sale more beautiful and atmospheric.

The size of the stage

There must be a size limit for outdoor stage construction, because the wooden boards it lays have certain specifications. Not matching the size will not only affect the aesthetics, but also increase the cost. When the stage size is determined, it can achieve a multiplier effect with half the effort.

Every year, some festivals will hold some outdoor activities, so when holding outdoor activities, you need to build a metal acrylic stage for sale, so what equipment do you need to use when building an outdoor metal acrylic stage for sale?

The main equipment for outdoor metal acrylic stage for sale construction includes professional audio equipment, video equipment, metal acrylic stage for sale lighting, and metal acrylic stage beauty effect equipment.

Outdoor Stage Construction: Professional Audio Equipment

Mixers, power amplifiers, speakers, line arrays, equalizers, effects, frequency dividers, compressors, notebooks, CD players, MD players, DVD players, wired microphones, wireless microphones, walkie-talkies, wireless chest microphones, microphone stands and other equipment.

Outdoor Stage Construction: Video Equipment

Projectors, projection screens, projection lifts, plasma TV walls, LED screens, etc.

Outdoor Stage Construction: Stage Lighting

Computer light, down light, AC light, imaging light, digital light control, computer light console dimmer, effect light, laser light, surface light, strobe light, three-color soft light, follow light, spotlight, Computer scanning light, computer color changing light, computer astigmatism light, pattern light, stage sky and ground row lights, digital silicon box mobile light frame TRUSS frame, etc.

Outdoor stage construction: choreography effect

Cold fireworks, rainbow cannon, dry ice machine, air column, stage fog machine, snow machine, bubble machine, fireworks machine, stage backplane, inkjet, photo, carpet, various lights, light stand equipment rental, projector rental, etc. Sound interpretation equipment rental, audio equipment, stage rental, etc.

Outdoor Stage Recommendation – SHIZHAN

Acrylic Stage belongs to stage product series of SHIZHAN Group. 18mm plywood stage floor is acrylic stage’s main material.

Acrylic Stage has good resistance to weathering and acid and alkali, and will not yellow and hydrolyze due to years of sun and rain.

Acrylic Stage has a long life span, compared with other materials, Acrylic Stage has a long life span of more than three years.

Acrylic Stage has good light transmittance of more than 92%, which requires less light intensity and saves electricity.

Acrylic Stage's impact resistance is sixteen times that of ordinary glass, making it suitable for installation in areas where safety is particularly important.

outdoor acrylic stage for sale

Acrylic Stage has excellent insulation performance and is suitable for various electrical equipment.

Acrylic Stage is lighter in weight, half the weight of ordinary glass, and the load on the building and the support is less.

The columns and supports of each Acrylic Stage and the adjacent stage are shared, so it is a whole and very strong after being connected. Easy to disassemble and install, its stage surface is composed of film or tempered glass and aluminum frame, which has good fire retardant, wear resistance, no harm, strong decorative features, etc. The stage frame is made of high aluminum hardness alloy material, with solid structure and beautiful appearance.

About SHIZHAN Group

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