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Jiangsu Shizhan Group -Helpers of the Tokyo Olympics

Date: 13.03.2020 Viewed: times
2020 tokyo olympic

  On the big stage of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

  There is a busy figure of Shizhan company racing against time

  Tokyo Olympic Games is under construction,"Big Stage" is designed and manufactured by Jiangsu Shizhan Group Co., Ltd.

  The first batch of finished materials was sent to Japan before Chinese New Year. The second batch of materials will also be delivered before the end of March.

shizhan stage

  From the renderings, the "big stage" of the Tokyo Olympics is full of fashion and technology. From the "roof" to the supporting tall pillars, as well as the interior building parts and lighting stands where the large projection screen is placed, all of them are composed of aluminum alloy profiles.

  There are also complex curved custom trusses and slides. Like Lego, the construction staff assembled numerous trusses according to the drawings. According to the photos from the site in front of the construction, although the construction work has not been completed, the huge volume and the openable dynamic device can clearly predict the modern and dreamy beauty of the stage effect!

  Japanese customers inspected us for more than two years before they actually placed the order! "Jiangsu Shizhan Group, located in Xibei Town, Xishan District, has taken orders of the huge stage of the Tokyo Olympics. Japanese customers who have discerning requirements for product refinement and safety are very concerned about any details related to production. The technical standards of the distance are dozens to hundreds of times of ordinary standards!

  The Japanese side requires that each link must complete the industry's lowest error rate and meet the best safety test performance as much as possible, and everything requires excellence. For the order of the stage of the Tokyo Olympic Games, the error of all truss frames is less than 1 mm! The batch of materials for the Olympic Games order was from proofing, order receiving to delivery, only two months apart. After the first batch of products shipped to Japan, customers gave a high evaluation and sent a thank you letter.

  The technological challenges of complex processes and the exploration and practice of independent innovation are exactly the way forward for the enterprise. As the "leader" in the field of the domestic performing arts equipment technology association, World Exhibition is forming its own production technology standards and actively promoting this niche but full of technology and fashion charm to lead the global "show" .

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