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How much does it cost to build a temporary stage for an event?

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Do you know the price of stage construction? The stage construction costs 45 yuan to 80 yuan per square meter. The lighting stand is based on the length of the construction and the number of lights used. The price is around 2000 to 3000. These are only reference prices; because some companies have different service characteristics, this article will explain to you.

1. What is the ceiling height of the event venue?

When arranging stage, lighting, and audio-visual equipment, ceiling height has a crucial impact. For rear projection, the recommended height is 22 feet. You will organize a company providing stage, lighting and audiovisual services to carry out a site visit with you and negotiate the layout of the venue according to all your requirements.

2. Is the line of sight good enough in activity stage construction?

Check the room from all angles, are there any pillars, chandeliers, etc. blocking the view? Is every guest able to see the stage or the big screen? Can the chandelier be raised or removed, and how much does it cost? The chandelier can sometimes be removed, But consider the labor cost: how many people will be involved? How long? How much will it cost?

3. Do you need only one stage or several in activity stage construction?

You need to know how many stages to build and where they are located. Not only do they take up a lot of space, but they also affect the total number of tables you can set and the number of guests you can accommodate.

4. How wide and how wide does the stage need to be in outdoor activity stage construction?

What conference activities will be held on the stage? How many people will the stage carry? Should the musicians be arranged on the main stage or on the side under the stage? Determine the appropriate height of the stage according to the different situations of the guests sitting by the table or by the theater. ? Is it possible to raise some of the seats? You can redesign and carpet part of the room to turn the lobby into a nightclub or restaurant. 

price of stage construction

You don't have to have all the tables at the same height, but don't forget that raised seats can be expensive, depending on the layout of the room and the obstacles you need to deal with, such as pillars. The cost also depends on the number of people involved in the project. From the point of view of allocating this cost to each guest, it is more cost-effective to telegraph seats for large-scale conference events, but it is not very economical for small-scale conference events.

5. Is there a fixed stage at the venue in outdoor activity stage construction?

Ask for a floor plan of the stage, including the backstage, if you have one, check if there is a ready-made powder room, if there is room for loading and unloading various equipment, what is the width of the aisle, and whether the stage can meet all your requirements.

Before the promulgation of "Technical Requirements for the Safety of Stages and Stands for Temporary Construction of Performance Venues", there was no unified industry standard for the construction of temporary stages in my country, and there was no set of laws and regulations or normative documents specifically for temporary stage construction. Although Article 20 of the "Regulations on the Administration of Commercial Performances" stipulates: "...if it is necessary to temporarily build a stage or a stand, the performance organizer shall build a stage and a stand in accordance with the relevant national safety standards to ensure safety." 

The regulations clarify the "safety standards", which also makes the quality of the temporary construction stage uneven, and the stage safety has many hidden dangers. And general outdoor performances, including concerts, theatrical performances, etc., are large-scale mass activities with as few as a thousand people or as many as tens of thousands of people. If the stage collapses, it is very likely to cause heavy casualties and lead to tragedies.

On June 1, 2011, the "Technical Requirements for the Safety of Temporary Stages and Stands for Temporary Construction of Performance Venues" was officially released and implemented with the approval of the Ministry of Culture. As an industry technical standard, it regulates the behavior of stage and stage art engineering enterprises in the stage construction process, and also provides a basis for government departments to supervise and verify the temporary construction of the stage.

outdoor activity stage construction

At present, there are still some problems in the outdoor portable stage platform construction, mainly in the following aspects:

1. Regarding the safety acceptance of the temporary stage. At present, the public security organs are generally responsible for the safety acceptance of temporary construction stages, and in some places, the quality supervision department is responsible. However, sometimes the safety acceptance work is only a formality. The main reason is that the public security organs and quality supervision departments have The profession is not well understood, and there is a lack of specialized technical personnel, so it is impossible to effectively test the characteristics of the temporary construction stage.

2. Some performance organizers reduce aluminum stage truss construction expenses, coupled with vicious competition among stage construction companies, which directly leads to stage construction companies cutting corners and lowering standards in order to reduce costs, and the construction quality can be imagined. Furthermore, many of my country's current stage construction companies are in the state of small workshops, and the level of technical personnel is not high. The stage construction is mainly based on experience, and some companies even "basically rely on kicks for safety", which poses great hidden dangers.


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