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How to avoid deformation of aluminum alloy stage truss?

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The aluminum alloy stage truss is a stage made and built using this structure and production and processing technology. It has the characteristics of light weight, fast construction speed, strong load capacity and convenient disassembly. The stage truss will be deformed during the actual construction process. In this article, the World Exhibition Group will share with you, How to avoid deformation of aluminum alloy stage truss?

Aluminum ingot and extrusion crack

First, hot cracks generally crack along the grain, the cracks are black, have been oxidized, the cracks are serrated, and the shape is irregular;

Preventive measures: scientifically, rationally and strictly control the chemical composition and impurity content of aluminum alloys; avoid overheating of molten aluminum and stay in the furnace for too long; rationally formulate casting processes, and accurately control casting temperature and casting speed; aluminum liquid supply and cooling should be uniform ; Measures to prevent and avoid foreign inclusions falling into the casting aluminum liquid, effectively avoid cracks in aluminum ingots, and create prerequisites for high-quality aluminum alloy extrusion products.

aluminum alloy truss

One is that the cold cracks are cracked from the crystal, and the cracks are not oxidized and shiny in the shape of silver broken lines.

Preventive measures: strengthen the inspection of aluminum alloy materials, and do not put into production if the impurity content exceeds the standard and the original organization is unqualified; strictly verify the temperature control instrument during production, and the temperature control accuracy must reach ±1.5 °C; for different grades of aluminum alloy billets, formulate corresponding reasonable heating temperature to ensure uniform heating; formulate the extrusion speed and extrusion deformation amount suitable for different grades of aluminum alloys to make the thermoplastic deformation as uniform as possible; improve the design of the die structure, and make the edges and corners of the extrusion section as large as possible; test It is shown that pre-uniform annealing of aluminum ingots (540℃~560℃, holding for 4-6h fast cooling) can reduce the extrusion force by 15%-25%, increase the extrusion speed by 10%--15%, and significantly increase the thermoplasticity, etc. The above measures can effectively prevent and avoid the occurrence of extrusion cracks.

bubble peeling

Precaution. Improve the quality of aluminum ingots, select high-quality aluminum ingots and strictly inspect aluminum materials before production; replace severely worn extrusion cylinders and extrusion pads in time, and keep them clean and smooth; control the heat treatment atmosphere to prevent water vapor from entering and reducing To lubricate the extrusion gasket and die, adjust the extruder to make its action even and coordinated, formulate a reasonable extrusion speed and extrusion deformation to ensure smooth exhaust; the preheating temperature of the extrusion cylinder should be lower than the heating temperature of the aluminum billet 25℃--35℃; measures such as preventing excessive lubricant, timely removal of aluminum metal oxide shell and corrosion dirt, etc., can effectively prevent aluminum products from blistering and peeling, and achieve quality indicators.

aluminum alloy stage truss


Precaution. The extrusion die is subjected to surface modification and strong hardening treatment to improve red hardness, wear resistance and scratch resistance; high-quality refined die steel is selected, with high purity, less impurities, fine grains, small carbides, and isotropic properties. Excellent performance, uniform chemical composition and structure, etc.: Or use steel-bonded cemented carbide to make molds, and after upsetting and compound strong hardening heat treatment, the working surface of the mold has high hardness, red hardness, wear resistance, fatigue resistance, resistance It has the characteristics of occlusion, anti-adhesion, corrosion resistance and scratch resistance, while the steel matrix has high hardness, and the surface hardness and inner rigidity give long life; choose the best working belt width, after producing a certain aluminum product, polish the mold surface and work belt; ensure the assembly accuracy of tooling and extrusion equipment; lubricate guides and conduits frequently. The above measures can effectively prevent the surface scratches of aluminum products, and ensure that the internal quality and surface quality of aluminum products are excellent.


Precaution. High-precision WJ-1 type microcomputer temperature control is selected, which can make the temperature control accuracy reach ±1.5 °C; strengthen the maintenance and inspection of heating equipment to ensure that the temperature of each part in the furnace cavity is uniform; strictly check the aluminum ingot billet, there must be no oil pollution, etc. flammable materials, keep the blanks clean; formulate advanced and reasonable thermal processing procedures, careful operation and other measures to effectively avoid overheating and overburning, so as to ensure that the structure, performance and surface quality of aluminum products are qualified.

How to avoid deformation of truss

Plastic deformation out of tolerance


Scientifically and accurately design the mold to avoid oversized and long overhanging walls and to install extrusion guides; strictly control extrusion temperature and extrusion speed to ensure uniform plastic deformation and avoid midway stops; calculate billet length reasonably and accurately to avoid excess materials; heat the first piece of finished product inspection, repair the equipment in time if any problems are found, and ensure the normal operation of the equipment; adjust the extrusion temperature, extrusion speed and process parameters. Coordinating and cooperating with each other can effectively prevent the plastic deformation of aluminum products from being out of tolerance and achieve high quality and high yield.

Poor welding

Precaution. Adopt advanced extrusion equipment, advanced technology and advanced technology, and strengthen scientific management; design molds correctly and reasonably to ensure uniform plastic flow of aluminum metal and good welding; use high-quality aluminum ingots to ensure smooth surface without foreign matter, before extrusion Clean up the surface of the aluminum billet; formulate reasonable extrusion temperature and extrusion speed for different grades of aluminum alloys; ensure that the extrusion equipment and the working parts of the die are free from foreign matter and other above-mentioned measures, so that high-quality flat welds can be obtained, so that they have high performance. The mechanical properties and the surface of the product are not easy to crack under the action of external force.

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