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How to build a safe and beautiful aluminum alloy stage truss?

Date: 26.01.2022 Viewed: times

Although the current aluminum stage truss products have been designed for easy installation and construction, the construction of a good aluminum stage truss is not a simple matter.

There is a lot of knowledge in the selection of materials. First of all, the specifications of the truss products required for the aluminum stage truss stage of different uses and sizes are different. Secondly, the construction method of the stage is different, which will also affect the choice of truss. Next, design is also an essential step in building the stage.

The design of the truss needs to fully consider the use of stage decoration materials, as well as the load-bearing capacity and firmness of the truss. No matter what kind of stage is built, the principle of safety first must be adhered to when designing the aluminum stage truss truss style.

Stages of different themes require flexible aluminum stage trusses for a variety of constructions, so there are many things to pay attention to in the process of using aluminum stage trusses to build.

The most important thing is to prepare the equipment and parts required for the installation process in advance when building the stage truss, and plan the stage effect according to the theme of the display, so that the preparation is foolproof.

When building the stage truss, there are still some places that need to be paid more attention, which plays a very important role in the later construction and use.

For example, when building the homepage, the first thing to do on the home page is to choose the geographical location, which has an important relationship with the size of the passenger flow when using it, and then the planning power of the stage construction, which must be in line with the promotion and scene of the theme at that time.

Aluminum Stage Truss

After the construction, the idea of the theme can be better understood through the stage, and when the construction is carried out, it is necessary to leave enough roads for the evacuation of the source of tourists and gatherings to avoid hidden dangers of insecurity. During the construction, some firm points must be strictly checked to ensure the safety of the stage in the later stage. During the processing and construction, professionals must be present for construction to avoid unexpected damage.

For different activities, there will be different needs for the stage construction structure. Therefore, when building, the first thing to determine is what the theme of its construction is. After the theme is determined, a better design that conforms to the theme will be constructed. . The preparation of materials must be sufficient, according to different themes to prepare the materials required for the dependent construction.

Then there is the layout of the aluminum stage truss construction, and its footprint, volume, and style are all within the scope of consideration. Stage lighting is also a key point, we must make good use of lighting to show the effect of the stage. The lighting also has different displays. It is necessary to choose the lighting that matches the theme. The budget and expenses when building the truss stage are planned in advance.

As for how to arrange the stage more ceremoniously, it requires professionals to carry out long-term planning and experience. Arrangement and construction can show different styles and effects.

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