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How to choose a quality Aluminum stage barrier?

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Three elements for selecting Aluminum stage barrier

   Product safety


   Product installation

Aluminum stage barrier quality determinants


   Load-bearing capacity





   Plastic cladding




   Service life


How to judge the quality of Aluminum stage barrier





All concert aluminum stage barriers look similar and serve the same purpose, yet there are huge differences in product specifications, quality, safety and price from brand to brand and manufacturer to manufacturer.

It is worth your time to familiarize yourself with the Aluminum stage barrier you want: 1.

1. Ensure that you purchase a safe product that poses no risk of injury to your customers or employees

2. Maximize your return on investment and choose a product that is rugged and durable




Three elements for selecting Aluminum stage barrier

Product Safety

Safe working load bearing

TUV & SGS tested, the safe working load of a set of Aluminum stage barrier is 900KGS


Professionally designed lock connection system

Each set of Aluminum stage barrier is equipped with two specially designed locks, one is installed on the outer frame of the stand and the other is locked on the outer frame of the bottom plate, which only requires a hex wrench to operate and cannot be disassembled without professional tools.


Self-locking structure without screws

With the new material design, the stand plate can achieve the function of self-locking without screws when it is fastened to the bottom plate, and the stand plate will not be easily pushed down, which greatly improves the safety.


Pedal easy to lift and anti-warp design

Even if you stand at the edge of the smallest pedal, the small pedal will not buckle and prevent it from falling backwards, which is very safe.



This product is specially developed for Aluminum stage barrier handrail, which can effectively avoid the handrail seam after the connection of two sets of Aluminum stage barrier, which can easily cause hand pinching injury.




Aluminum profile

This determines the durability and cost of the product. Aluminum is light and non-rusting, suitable for concert Aluminum stage barrier.

Surface treatment are glossy (silver), powder coating (black, etc.)



Product installation


Concert Aluminum stage barrier is required to be pre-installed and can be used immediately. Our Aluminum stage barrier is folded, just pull up the vertical plate on the base plate, and then open the small pedal to complete the set of installation. Using the special hexagonal wrench, 2 workers can install about 100 sets in 1 hour.


Each set of Aluminum stage barrier is packed individually with bubble film, and 10 sets are placed on a cart or iron pallet for safe transportation and easy use.



Aluminum stage barrier quality determinants

1.Anti-corrosion: the anti-corrosion performance of Aluminum stage barrier depends on its structure, good Aluminum stage barrier is often composed of internal and external grass-roots structure complementing each other, the general base material is steel layer, the alloy layer is , the closest to the base material is a layer of dense alloy layer, the more complex its structure, the stronger its corrosion resistance.


2. Load-bearing capacity: due to the balcony area and load-bearing capacity restrictions, in addition to pay attention to the balcony furniture appropriate choice of light model folding furniture, if you want to place potted plants, we must examine the Aluminum stage barrier load-bearing capacity. In the purchase of Aluminum stage barrier, should be Aluminum stage barrier load-bearing capacity to do a detailed evaluation, as far as possible from the Aluminum stage barrier width, height, texture, the actual load-bearing capacity for analysis, purchase both in line with their own balcony footprint, but also can play a beautiful role of Aluminum Stage barrier.


3. Closure: some residential area is relatively small, the user may be fully closed balcony into a study or children's bedroom, so it is necessary to consider the security, on the basis of security and then conceptualized to ensure that the balcony is both secure and practical and beautiful.


4. Height: Nowadays, the height of the Aluminum stage barrier has the following regulations: six floors and below is not less than 1.05m, six floors above is not less than 1.1m, high-rise buildings is not higher than 1.2m. Generally speaking, the height of the Aluminum stage barrier from the balcony ground to the Aluminum stage barrier In general, the height of Aluminum stage barrier is calculated from the ground of balcony to the vertical height of Aluminum stage barrier (top surface of handrail), if there is a steppable part with height lower than 0.5m at the bottom, it should be calculated from the top surface of steppable part.


5. Wires: suitable for various uses of high quality low carbon galvanized steel wire, to ensure that the customer's application needs.


6. Material: original imported PE plastic packaging, never add filler and recycled material components, to ensure the use of the product life and its specification needs.


7. Plastic cladding: 300 degrees high temperature plasticization, so that the inner layer of low carbon steel wire and the surface layer of plastic tightly posted, not easy to air into the steel wire exterior oxidation and long rust, resulting in shortened life.


8. Thickness: high temperature plasticizing kneading, stable rotation speed, the thickness of the plastic surface layer in 0.6mm or more.


9. Color: a variety of color masterbatch powder material composition and then participate in the unique anti-UV material all mixing skills to ensure the stability of the color of goods, the appearance of many years of use is still bright as new, bright and durable.


10. Characteristics: The unique spin hook weaving through the lead skills, optimized mold planning, to ensure that the production of goods bending without cracking.


11. Service life: high density of the original grain of plastic, the appearance of water absorption rate of 0%, resistance to the usual acid and alkali, than the usual wrapped Aluminum stage barrier use 5 ~ 8 years longer.


12. Maintenance: remove the artificial protection and maintenance, the exterior of the dust by rainwater natural off, stop using can be removed as a beautification equipment use. They have specifications for various sports venues, and the mesh size is 45mm×45mm for the standard type or 50mm×50mm for the reinforced type.

Aluminum stage barrier is the most important part of aluminum stage barrier which is installed in the tennis court. Aluminum stage barrier is different from other Aluminum stage barrier, one of the most important part is the size of the mesh of the Aluminum stage barrier, mainly because the diameter of the balls used in other is bigger, the mesh is bigger, Aluminum stage barrier can still play the role of blocking. The standard size of Aluminum stage barrier is 45mm*45mm. In actual application, Aluminum stage barrier can be made with 40*40 or 50*50 mesh.

Generally speaking, Aluminum stage barrier can use welded wire mesh as raw material, usually welded wire mesh can be divided into dipping welded wire mesh and plastic coated welded wire mesh, dipping welded wire mesh and plastic coated welded wire mesh should be distinguished from dipping plastic and plastic coated welded wire mesh. For welded wire mesh using dip plastic treatment is a plastic coating process, is the plastic coating on the substrate (generally metal), such as: our daily clothes drying hangers, pliers handle, scissors on the rubber cover, a variety of handrails, etc.. According to the need for heating is divided into hot dip plastic and cold dip plastic, according to the dip plastic raw materials to be divided into liquid dip plastic and powder dip plastic.



How to judge the quality of Aluminum stage barrier?

For Aluminum stage barrier believe that we are not unfamiliar, the product is also very common around our lives, but careful friends will also find that the Aluminum stage barrier will happen big heat, this is because it is wear-resistant, not easy to rust, not easy to deformation, and easy to clean management, so customers in the selection of Aluminum stage barrier manufacturers, pay special attention to the manufacturer of raw materials, the following we will talk about the identification of counterfeit galvanized steel pipe method.


1. Counterfeit galvanized steel pipe easily folded.

Folding is the formation of a variety of galvanized steel pipe surface, this defect often runs longitudinally throughout the product. Folding is due to the pursuit of high efficiency of counterfeit manufacturers, the amount of pressure down is large, resulting in ears, rolling produces folding, folding products will crack after bending, the strength of the steel is greatly reduced.

2. The appearance of poor quality galvanized steel often has roughness.

It is caused by the abrasion of grooves on the surface of irregular steel. Due to the pursuit of profit margins, Aluminum stage barrier manufacturers are often deceived by shoddy galvanized steel pipe factories.

3. Inferior material surface is prone to cracking, the reason is that its billet sheet is adobe, in the cooling process, due to thermal stress, resulting in cracks, after rolling cracks.

This is the Aluminum stage barrier commonly summarized for you to identify the good and bad of its raw materials hope to help you.

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