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How to choose different exhibition equipment?

Date: 26.12.2021 Viewed: times

It's the end of the year, and there are frequent activities, so you will need to use the display rack. Many businesses have found that the display rack they choose is inappropriate when they hold an event, so how to choose? The following World Exhibition Group will introduce the characteristics of several display equipment. 

Exhibition truss:  

The truss structure of the exhibition is made up of rods connected by hinges at both ends. The advantage is that the strut can withstand greater tension and pressure, can give full play to the role of materials, save materials, and reduce the weight of the overall structure. Exhibition trusses are indispensable when arranging some large-scale booths and load-bearing performances. The exhibition trusses have high structural strength and are not prone to fracture or deformation. There are advantages and disadvantages:

1: The exhibition truss is relatively bulky, and it is not convenient in the process of transportation and construction  

2: Because the exhibition truss uses a special connection, it needs special tools and professionals to install and disassemble, so when using the exhibition truss, it can only be rented, and each time you use it, you need to pay for the transportation of the exhibition truss and professional installation. And disassembly costs.  

Pull net display stand:   

Pull-net display racks can be divided into straight, curved, U-shaped, spring and other display racks, and the different installation methods of materials and sizes are also different. Large display area, easy to carry is his biggest advantage, suitable for various event scenes as background wall display. The whole body of the pull-net display rack is made of aluminum alloy structure, and the middle magnetic support rod is connected, which is convenient to disassemble and assemble, and can be recycled.

Of course, there are still certain flaws in the uniqueness. Because the pull-net display rack is spliced, there are certain seam creases on the screen, so that the whole does not have the feeling of being integrated. In terms of maintenance, due to the weak magnetic force, it is easy to cause the screen to fall off, so repeated installation is more troublesome. The screen has a certain irritating smell during use. This is a very confusing problem in the reception (can be arranged 1 hour in advance, smell Will slowly dissipate). In terms of weight, for a 3*3 pull-net display rack, the weight of a whole set is about 23KG. It is inconvenient to carry without a trolley case, and if a trolley case is used, the box itself has a weight of 15KG.  

Fast curtain show:   

The fast screen show is an international new type of display equipment. It is upgraded from a pull-net display rack and is a display equipment that meets the modern needs of the room. It has a rich shape, smart fashion and unique personality. The use of aluminum alloy round tube technology, shrink tube technology, and pinball lock design make the disassembly and assembly of the display rack more convenient. The screen uses thermal transfer cloth, high-precision printing without chemical odor.  

The overall design is simple and casual, which meets the needs of fast exhibition. It adopts three specifications of the pull-net display rack: 3*3, 3*4, 3*7, and the actual width is: 2.4M, 3M, 6M. It is light in weight and can be carried away in a bag after disassembly.

The support rod is divided into small sections, and the connection of each section is marked with a different color symbol, which is quick and convenient to install. However, due to the overall light and casual design of the fast-screen show, it is insufficient in outdoor display, and the weight is too light, and it is easy to be blown over by the wind and unstable.

To sum up, the three types of display equipment have their own needs in the application: exhibition trusses are more effective in outdoor large-scale stages and promotional exhibitions, while pull-net display racks are more convenient in outdoor small-scale promotional activities, and fast-screen shows are suitable for indoors. For example: exhibition site, shopping mall product display, etc.

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