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How to choose lighting truss stage?

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Choosing lighting truss stage products annoyed many advertisers, because the lighting truss stage category is too much, the right stage products difficult to choose.

And in the eyes of the event lighting truss stage manufacturers, choose the right stage products, you need to consider many aspects of the factors. Today, the stage manufacturers e everywhere, or those advertisers to buy the stage does not need to be so distressed. So how to choose the right lighting truss stage, what issues to consider in order to select the right stage products?


Why do commercial events use more lighting truss stage?

What kind of stage is easy to have a show effect

Lighting truss stage manufacturers how to do a good job of customer reception


Why do the most commercial events use lighting truss stage?

So, what type of event stage is the lighting truss stage, and why do the commercial promoters prefer this to the folding stage and the Rea stage?



Some people say that merchants prefer lighting truss stage because they want to get cheaper. No, in the Shizhan Group sales of lighting truss stage, 1.22 m * 1.22 m specifications of the market price of the lighting truss stage is 194 yuan, while 1 m * 2 m specifications of the market price of the lighting truss stage is 320 yuan. It is clear who is expensive and who is cheap.


Businesses prefer lighting truss stage for a variety of reasons, such as how the stage's load-bearing capacity, how durable it is, whether it is easy to install, whether it is easy to store ...... and so on. And price is just one of the factors.


Lighting truss stage choose high-quality galvanized square tube, the stage station side using W-shaped design, making the stage as a whole evenly stressed, strong load-bearing capacity; and the use of tie rod connection building method, greatly improve the speed of the stage build, to meet the needs of business pro-promotion: fast build, fast dismantling.


What kind of stage is easy to have a show effect

Do activities have an effect, the event stage must be used lighting truss stage!


From the stage products, performance activities stage is different from other activities stage products, such as aluminum stage, solid, durable, super practical. Today, Shizhan Group will briefly talk about this.


First of all, the performance event stage, to ensure its solidity. Otherwise, the performance, the event performance errors, embarrassment is not counted also smashed a show! So, choose the event stage, good performance is the first.


Lighting truss stage, using aluminum alloy material for the frame material. Aluminum alloy is one of the most widely used non-ferrous metal structural materials in the industry, and has been widely used in the aviation, aerospace, automotive, machinery manufacturing, shipping and chemical industries. At present, aluminum alloy is the most used alloy.


If you choose the lighting truss stage, so that it acts as a performance stage, stable and reliable performance. Compared with the professional performance stage, it is not difficult to find that the aluminum alloy stage is very good. So, what is good about the aluminum stage?


First, the aluminum stage application is simple, assembled, simple to build, suitable for outdoor activities; Second, the aluminum stage structure is simple, the frame and panel separation, transportation, storage are simple, suitable for business use; Third, the aluminum stage support custom, specific specifications, style, event stage manufacturers are to support the production, to meet the needs of customers any event stage use.


Lighting truss stage manufacturers how to do a good job of customer reception

As a lighting truss stage manufacturer, what are your thoughts on stage production?


As a stage production, external manufacturers direct sales of lighting truss stage manufacturers, need to receive a lot of customers who come to consult. There is a clear intention, "I buy the stage, how much your price"; there is also a shallow intention, "your home lighting truss stage production process how." Customers' questions seem to be never-ending.


And when contacted after the customer reception, and will find you encounter a variety of situations, there are strange voice, something more, there are to chat, advertising sales is the most ...... sometimes, encountered more situations, but also let people tangled, "customer reception" where the customer?


The above two situations, is the current activities in the stage manufacturers, customer reception staff face two major problems: customer problems and complex; harassing phone calls are too much.


Shizhan Group's solution is more training, more communication.

By more training, we mean that after collecting customers' questions regularly, we give corresponding answers and organize personnel to answer them, so that they can solve these problems in time in the follow-up work and avoid making customers wait or not getting satisfactory answers.


By more communication, it means that after contacting nuisance calls, especially advertising calls, it is necessary to explain with them to avoid their repeated calls; more often, it will choose automatic blocker, set blacklist by number segment, or manually set individual numbers as blacklist to avoid their repeated harassment.


The reason for this is to improve the efficiency of customer reception, leaving ample time for real customers, so that customers can get satisfactory answers from the lighting truss stage manufacturers which is the intention of the lighting truss stage manufacturers for factory direct sales!

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