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How to choose stage lighting truss?

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There have been many controversies about how to choose stage lighting trusses.

Some people say that if you choose expensive ones, expensive ones are of good quality!

Some people say that the price difference between the aluminum alloys is so big that the manufacturers report false heads, and you can't choose the expensive one!

Here I use my own experience to talk about my opinions.


If you want to choose the right stage lighting truss, you must first determine your needs. Do you often disassemble and assemble? Is it fixed installation? Indoor or outdoor use? How much is the maximum span of the building? What is the total load in kilograms? After confirming these, you can choose the shelf

Ask the manufacturer directly how much is a meter for the Truss? Just like going to a restaurant and asking the boss how much a meal is for, you ask the price before you order. How does the boss know how much you can get for a meal?

Once you have determined your needs, you can choose the stage lighting truss with the corresponding parameters. For example, the stage lighting truss manufacturer of Jiangsu World Exhibition, 400mm*400mm stage lighting truss has a safety span of 16 meters, and the average load-bearing capacity of each beam is 600 kg. For other specifications, see the figure below. After selecting the stage lighting truss of the corresponding specifications, you must also choose the quality and after-sales guarantee. In recent years, performance accidents have been frequent, but if the quality is guaranteed by the manufacturer, and the construction experience has the manufacturer to guide you, you must be at ease.

When it comes to qualified quality, the main problem is the raw material. Everyone knows that the production process of aluminum tubes for stage lighting trusses is different from steel. The aluminum tubes for stage lighting trusses are extruded, and the raw materials for extruded aluminum tubes must be aluminum rods. Extrusion, the raw materials can be flawless, and the density of the extrusion is guaranteed. Of course, the requirements for the process of the machine are also very high. The heavier the extrusion machine, the higher the extrusion density. Shizhan Group stage lighting truss only uses the top ten brands in China. The raw materials within, each batch of raw materials must have a test report, good quality starts from the source

Some people say that the structure of stage lighting trusses does not require after-sales service cause does not often break down. The current situation on the market is like this, stage lighting truss products with after-sales service do not often break down. They basically do not need after-sales service, so many customers ignore this important factor.

A few days ago, a customer bought a stage lighting truss in another province. The shelf collapsed during the event. He asked the manufacturer’s after-sales manufacturer and said that they had no after-sales service. Exhibition free maintenance. Jiangsu ShiZhan stage lighting truss manufacturers have a lifetime warranty for their products, and a one-year guarantee period is also given. During the guarantee period, the products are used normally within a safe range, and all economic losses incurred by quality problems shall be borne by the manufacturer. With this guarantee that the stage lighting truss is set up, You can sit back and relax.



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