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How to choose the exhibition structure of different materials?

Date: 23.12.2021 Viewed: times

The main structure of the general exhibition is divided into the following types

1. Wood structure; this structure is mainly composed of 9 cm board keel, each 9 cm board is 1200X2400mm, and each board can be made into a wall of about 1 square, that is, half of the panel and half of the keel. Other structures may be made of nails. When the wall needs t load-bearing, it needs to use 12 cm plates, which can make the screw difficult. If the surface needs baking varnish or spray paint effect, wood board is needed, and putty powder is applied to the surface first, and then baking varnish, but pay attention to the operation in a dust-free space. The surface of the wood structure is divided into Boeing film, fireproof board, latex paint, spray paint, and baking paint effects. His advantage lies in the diversification of the structure and the strong integration of the structure. The disadvantage is waste, which is not conducive to environmental protection.

2. Truss structure: The truss structure material is a structure in which rods are connected to each other by hinges at both ends. The truss is composed of straight rods and generally has a plane or space structure with triangular elements. The truss rods mainly bear axial tension or pressure, so that the strength of the material can be fully utilized. When the special booth has a large span, it can save material compared with solid web beams. Reduce self-weight and increase rigidity.

This structure has obvious advantages, simplicity and low cost. The combination of truss and inkjet is the best way to save money. But the disadvantage is that there is no grade and it looks relatively cheap.

3. Profile structure: Most of the early profile structures in my country were used as standard booths, with eight barrel columns, flat aluminum, and plates as a combination. The conventional standard beach was divided into standard booths of 9 square meters and 18 square meters, which were provided for small enterprises. Convenient and affordable way to exhibit.

After the 1990s, the profiles were diversified, mainly aluminum square pillars. This profile structure can make the shape of the booth more diversified. The aluminum square pillars are divided into various models such as 40\80\120. The advantage is that it is environmentally friendly, economical, and detachable, but the disadvantage is still the limited structural combination.

4. Lightweight modules; this type of structure is relatively mature abroad, represented by Germany, similar to the aluminum square pillars we use, but its combination is more flexible and changeable, and it can also be combined with cloth and wood structures. It is visually more international, simple and stylish. However, people's acceptance in China is not high. For many years, exhibitors have no concept of environmental protection, and they have also become accustomed to the heavy feeling of wooden structure. Therefore, it is still rare in the exhibition hall. Only multinational companies, European and American exhibitors are more commonly used.

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