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How to improve the quality of the stage truss?

Date: 06.01.2022 Viewed: times

It's the end of the year, and there are many kinds of performances, and they all need to build a stage. At this time, the stage truss becomes an indispensable aspect. The role played by the stage truss is relatively large, it can support the weight of the stage; enhance the beauty of the stage; ensure the safety of the stage. Therefore, we must choose a truss that guarantees stability and good safety performance. Because there have been many accidents in the industry due to the poor quality of the stage trusses, our company pays special attention to the production quality of the trusses. Choosing good quality products can avoid danger and ensure the safety of more people.

So where should we start to improve the quality of stage trusses?

According to the quality inspection department, the material of the truss usually used for stage frame construction is made of aluminum alloy, but some materials have insufficient hardness; another is that some welding joints are not welded firmly. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the quality of the truss.

First of all, a good stage truss must not only have a good material, but also a good design. Material is the top priority of the stage truss. If there is no good material, what can be used to support the entire stage? The design of the stage truss is not only novel, but more importantly, firm. Because this can be related to human life; therefore, the raw materials of the stage truss must be made of aluminum alloy that meets the standards, and the content and composition ratio of various metals must meet the specifications, so as to ensure the rigidity and stability of the aluminum alloy truss.

Secondly, with a good stage truss, then it is a technical requirement. When welding, not only must the welding be fine, the welder must be well-regulated, but also the size must be accurate. Only in this way will there be no rough welding, irregular shapes, and different sizes of solder joints. Phenomenon; there will be no loose screw holes or misalignment of the truss and accessories. The welding process should be fine, and there should be no missing or false welding, otherwise it is easy to have safety hazards.

The stage trusses produced by our company are made of high-quality materials, which are strong, pressure-resistant, waterproof, and strong. In addition, the stage trusses produced by our company are easy to disassemble and assemble, and can be used indoors and outdoors. Because the stage truss can be disassembled and assembled, it is relatively convenient to transport and does not take up space.

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