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How to properly maintain Aluminum truss?

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Aluminum truss can be seen everywhere in indoor and outdoor activities, wedding site decoration, celebrations, large concerts, and exhibition activities. Aluminum truss is the favorite in the field of truss, and its sturdy soul and quality are created by thousands of refinements.


How to maintain Aluminum truss without damaging the glossy surface of Aluminum truss

Things you must know about Aluminum truss care

How to maintain the surface of Aluminum truss


How to maintain Aluminum truss without damaging the glossy surface of Aluminum truss

We all know that everything needs to be maintained, and Aluminum truss is no exception. Here Shizhan Group will tell you several kinds of problems that are easy to occur in the maintenance of Aluminum truss and the way to prevent them, hoping to help you.


We often clean and maintain Aluminum trusses to make them shine. However, you may not know that some wrong cleaning and maintenance methods, although temporarily can make truss exhibition display equipment accessories become clean, but in fact, but the aluminum truss caused potential damage, your aluminum truss will appear irreparable problems, but counterproductive.


When carrying out cleaning and maintenance, you must first determine whether the cloth used is clean. When cleaning or wiping away the dust, be sure to turn it over or change it to a clean cloth before using it again. Do not take time and repeatedly use the side that has been soiled, so it will only make the dirt repeatedly rubbing in the exhibition equipment exterior, but will damage the bright surface of the exhibition equipment accessories.


Things you must know about Aluminum truss care

Aluminum truss is frequently rented and used, and the loss is also great, so timely maintenance is quite necessary.


Aluminum truss with galvanized surface is like a baby's face, so scrub it gently. First, scrub the dirt and dust on the surface, second, choose a soft cloth and scrub lightly.


Aluminum truss made of metal is also prone to rust, at this time, the anti-rust paint acts as a protective umbrella and a barrier between air and aluminum truss.


Only persistence and patience can make the aluminum truss last longer!


How to maintain the surface of Aluminum truss

As one of the important parts of Aluminum truss, its sturdiness is related to the safety function of the stage, especially outdoor performances often encounter windy and rainy bad weather, which can't be avoided to avoid encountering the stage board to get wet, Yunnan stage truss manufacturers suggest: the selection of the stage board in the field is particularly important, and also consider the moisture-proof function when it is in stock.


So Shizhan has been generally used 18MM thickness of non-slip stage plate, is a high quality plate made by high temperature hot pressing. With high strength, good toughness. With the waterproof anti-corrosion moth resistant anti-aging, water moisture does not deform. Has a strong waterproof, non-slip, anti-corrosion, anti-moth, anti-aging, water moisture does not deform.


There is the stage in the usual use process, try to adhere to the stage plate appearance of dry, in wet climate or perhaps in wet areas, can put some dry agent in the warehouse.


With the development of all kinds of activities, the event performance stage is used more and more, and people's safety and beauty requirements of Aluminum truss are also higher and higher, so in the process of using Aluminum truss, Shizhan Group recommends: do a good job of Aluminum truss panel maintenance!

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