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How to remedy the local deformation of the ringlock scaffold?

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The ringlock scaffolding process is a step-by-step process, starting from the foundation and building layer by layer according to specification and design. However, due to some special reasons, the scaffolding may be slightly deformed during construction and use. It can be dangerous if left untreated. Today, let the ringlock scaffold manufacturer tell you the remedies after the partial deformation of the scaffold.

1. The local deformation of the ringlock scaffold caused by the foundation settlement. During the construction process on the construction site, if the ringlock scaffold is deformed due to the settlement of the foundation, the foundation under the scaffold needs to be compacted first, and then the cross-section of the double-curved frame is erected on the cross-section of the double-curved frame. to the outer layer of the deformation zone. The constellation or scissor stand must be set on a solid and reliable foundation.

2. The deflection and deformation of the cantilever steel beam on which the ringlock scaffold is erected exceeds the specified value. The anchor points behind the cantilevered steel beams should be reinforced, and the steel beams should be fastened with steel supports and U-shaped brackets to bear the roof. There is a gap between the embedded steel ring and the steel beam, which must be fixed with horse wedges. Check the steel wire ropes at the outer ends of the hanging steel beams one by one, and tighten them all to ensure uniform stress.

3. The partial damage of the unloading and pulling connection system of the ringlock scaffold must be restored immediately according to the unloading method determined in the original plan, and the deformed parts and components should be corrected. If the deformation of the scaffold is corrected outwards, first set a 5t winding chain at each interval, tighten the structure, loosen the rigid pulling points, and at the same time tighten the winding chain inward at all points until the deformation is corrected and the rigid pulling force is completed. Connect and tighten the wire rope at each discharge point so that the force is evenly distributed, then loosen the chain.

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What are the operating specifications for ringlock scaffolding?

1. Scaffolding quality inspection. Before entering the construction site, the scaffolding must go through quality inspection, and the inspection is up to standard, with a quality inspection report.

2. Select the site and conduct quality inspection on the geology of the site to ensure that the ground is flat, the bearing capacity is up to standard, and there will be no collapse. If the geological standards are met and the ground is leveled, an adjustable base can be placed. Adjust with the help of an adjustable base.

3. Construction personnel, the erection and dismantling of the ringlock scaffolding support must be performed by trained professional scaffolders with certificates; non-special operators are not allowed to engage in erection operations. Shelf workers must wear safety helmets and safety belts correctly when entering the construction site. Each rack operator must be equipped with non-slip gloves, anti-slip shoes and tool safety hooks or bags. Work tools must be hung on safety hooks or put in bags. .

4. When erecting the frame body, erect the first layer of vertical poles, horizontal poles, vertical inclined poles, and lay platform steel springboards as required. Connect it according to the needs of use, and use it in a standardized manner after reporting for safety acceptance.

As a support system, the ringlock scaffold is an important part of the project operation. Once there is a safety problem here, the consequences will be disastrous. Therefore, everyone must pay attention to standard operation and protect personal safety.


After reading the above introduction, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of the remedy for the local deformation of the ringlock scaffold and its operating specifications. If you need to purchase scaffolding, you can choose our SHIZHAN group, we will bring you an unusual shopping experience.


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