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How to set up outdoor stage truss and outdoor stage truss types

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With the continuous development of my country's entertainment industry, there are more and more performances in all regions and regions, from small publicity to large evening parties. With the development of the entertainment industry, outdoor aluminum portable stage truss are also really popular. With high variability, aesthetics, and simplicity, they are in demand, sought after, and widely used.

How to set up outdoor stage truss?

In terms of the role of the outdoor aluminum portable stage truss, it needs to carry the weight of actors and performance equipment, so it needs to have a very strong structure. Therefore, when producing the truss, a firmer four-sided welding method is used, and the highest strength 6061-T6 aluminum alloy is used as the raw material for processing. Among them, the method of fish-scale solder joints is used for welding, and the solder joints are more uniform, more beautiful, and higher in strength. A single stage truss is just a frame and does not have the ability to apply.

outdoor aluminum portable stage truss

It also needs to be matched with good lighting effects and music effects, and the selection of high-quality aluminum alloy lighting stands can not only render the atmosphere to the highest level, but also withstand the test of strong winds. Although the actor is the protagonist during the performance, the truss stage is indeed a supporting role that cannot be ignored. Its quality and aesthetics have an absolute influence on the success of a performance. When purchasing, it is necessary to consider various factors comprehensively, and the truss that can adapt to the changing environment is the best. Especially when buying products in this industrial field, I don't know where to start. Even if I checked some things online before buying, I still feel a little confused when I arrive at the market. In fact, no matter what product, the quality is our primary concern. Today I will introduce you to the quality judgment of this stage truss.

First of all, if it is found that there are large welding points, it proves that the workmanship of this product is not fine, and it is necessary to choose outdoor aluminum portable stage truss with small welding points; some aluminum alloys are welded, while others are connected by screws. It is not allowed to prove that the connection is not very successful, and there are hidden dangers; the third point, the quality can also be checked through the color. According to experience, the quality of the aluminum alloy truss with darker color is not good, and the color of the authentic product should be It is bright silver; the last thing to check is the plane at both ends of the truss. If it feels smooth and smooth by hand, it has been strictly polished and has high quality.

aluminum portable stage truss

What are the types of outdoor stage trusses?

Types of stage trusses have load-bearing roof structures in addition to densely populated wooden roof components. The roof load-bearing structure is divided into two types: log or square wood structure and interlayer of wood structure. According to the truss system, it can be divided into three categories: arch and frame. Roof trusses are generally flat, and as a result of the roofing action it assumes structural surface loads, the loads are transferred to the lower parts of these structures.

According to the material used for the lower chord of the wood truss, it is divided into seven categories and steel-wood frames. The selection of the truss structure should be reasonable in terms of construction, material supply, production conditions and the requirements of the infrastructure itself, the possibility of other factors in order to determine, and the statically indeterminate structural system should be used. Wooden trusses, commonly used wood or logs or squares. 

For trusses of steel and wood trusses, the steel used for the lower chords of the steel trusses and the wood can eliminate the adverse effects and connections of the tensioned trusses pulled down by wood defects, improving the reliability and safety of the system truss stiffness. Wood and steel trusses should be used in the following cases: when the lower chord wood material cannot meet the standard; with vibration load suspension for cranes and small and medium-sized industrial plants; when the truss spans or with wet wood; the surface temperature of wood members is 40 °C;

portable stage truss

The shape of the outdoor aluminum portable stage truss should be determined on the basis of the materials used in the roof, the span of the stage truss, the architectural shape of the stage truss, the production conditions of the truss and the mechanical properties. Wood truss shapes are usually triangles, trapezoids and three polygons, when laminated wood forms are used, but also along with arches. Brick and wood houses, roofing materials, clay tiles, cement tiles, colored asphalt linoleum tiles and other steep drainage needs currently used in China, it is usually used for triangular trusses, this truss has poor mechanical properties compared to trapezoid polygons Trusses, relative to the cost of materials and architectural style are not very good, so no more than eighteen meters span. 

When another large span, profiled steel plate and color steel plate roofing material or other light materials should be selected. Trapezoidal or polygonal trusses with spans up to 24 meters. For larger public building spans, laminated timber construction should be used.


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