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Knowledge about exhibition truss installation

Date: 13.12.2021 Viewed: times

Everyone should have seen the exhibition trusses when they are out. It can be used as an advertising display board to play a role in publicity. However, the knowledge of exhibition truss may not be clear to everyone. So, today, the editor specially collected some knowledge about exhibition truss, and shared it with you. If you dont understand, lets learn it together.

1. Common sense of exhibition truss printing installation

1. When installing the outdoor exhibition truss painted net, 4m must be installed in the bevel bracket of each pillar to form a triangle to increase wind resistance. If necessary, the angle bracket of the exhibition truss and the ground can also be connected by the truss. When the wind is very strong, it is best to press it on the stone at the bottom of the spray advertising truss to increase the wind resistance of the exhibition truss.

2. If the exhibition truss is more than 4 meters outdoors, it is recommended to install the truss behind to improve the stability of the truss.

3. During transportation, do not severely fall down the exhibition truss. Protect the painted surface to extend the service life of the truss.

4. When moving the exhibition truss spray booth, the end of the truss cannot be used with screws.

2. Why the outdoor billboard on the roof adopts the exhibition truss type?

1. The roof slab structure is transferred from the panel to the frame, so that multiple girders with different altitudes can transmit wind loads to the columns more evenly, thereby reducing the stress concentration of the main girders and the connecting parts of the columns.

2. Parallel to the exhibition truss structure, install internal maintenance ladders on each main beam elevation to ensure structural maintenance, maintenance and interruption, removal of advertising belts and the personal safety of operators. In addition, due to the parallel truss structure, simple shape, beautiful appearance, clear force, simple node configuration and simple construction, the construction quality can be ensured.

3. The main beam of the parallel exhibition truss structure uses channels to flatten the structure shape, easily connect the advertising panels, strengthen the connection between the panels and the main frame of the exhibition truss, thereby reducing the deformation of the panels, thereby ensuring the sensory effect of the advertising surface.

4. Structural placement This project uses gusset plates to weld three horizontal main beams at three different elevations. The main beams are established between the main beams and diagonal supports to form a spatial truss stress system. The spacing between the main beams and the beams mainly considers the exhibition truss panel Place the skeletal grid and ensure that the panel skeleton node matches the main skeleton node, thereby strengthening the connection between the panel and the main skeleton.

3. How to deal with the exhibition truss screen?

1. In the processing of advertising screens, designers should reasonably use text, graphics, colors, logos and other visual elements. The truss graphics of the exhibition should have clear themes, vivid and easy to understand; and the colors should be fresh and bright, and pay attention to avoiding complicated and fancy; In addition to the reasonable use of font size, the more important thing is to ensure that the copy is concise and powerful, easy to read and remember, and there must be no typos.

2. In the processing of advertising facilities, the location and size of the advertisement should be determined according to several factors such as distance, angle of view, environment, etc., and the appropriate exhibition shape should be selected by comprehensively considering the advertising target and the surrounding environment, so that the shape and background of the exhibition truss Coordinate to produce the corresponding visual beauty. Through the above introduction, we have a clear understanding of the common sense of the exhibition truss inkjet installation, why the outdoor roof billboard adopts the exhibition truss type, and how to deal with some related knowledge of the exhibition truss screen.

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