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Matters needing attention in exhibition construction

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Stage truss construction is an important form of brand and product promotion for companies and shops. Event exhibition construction, promotional brand activities, cultural and art exhibition construction, and celebration stage construction have extremely high requirements for visual and on-site layout. If the stage scene If the layout and construction effect is not good, it will affect the marketing effect of the company's external publicity. Ultimately, it will affect the economic efficiency of the enterprise.

With the fierce market competition, the truss construction of the stage can bring good performance to the company and improve brand awareness. How to choose a stage design and construction company?

The first and most basic guarantee is the safety of the construction of the truss of the active stage, which is a very rigorous issue. In addition to this, it is the overall visual beauty of the stage. Some ordinary exhibition activities can not attract the attention of consumer expenses. Only by continuously carrying out creative design can companies take advantage in the fierce market competition. Stage construction advertising companies are in Some creative elements should be incorporated into the stage construction to attract consumers' attention.

Stage Truss

Secondly, the stage truss construction company should design the stage screen and some advertising materials according to the theme of the event held by the customer. In addition to the stage background wall design, some other advertising materials can also be used in the scene, such as: Roll-up banners, framed publicity, leaflets, gift bags, envelopes, etc. can be used as promotional items for brand promotion. When building a stage activity, it can highlight the corporate brand and product highlights, which can increase the speed of brand communication.

Finally, the purpose of the stage truss construction is to meet the needs of consumers. The background wall and stage construction of the company built by our Shizhan Group belong to the nature of performances. They are indoor and outdoor for the purpose of corporate image, corporate brand and consumers. promotional activity.

The above are several elements of Jiangsu Shizhan Group's exhibition construction. For this reason, enterprises can refer to the above site layout when choosing exhibition event layout, truss construction, and scene design, and choose a high-quality brand stage truss construction company.

Jiangsu Shizhan Group is currently a professional exhibition equipment, construction equipment, group company in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai. It is a cooperative unit of the government, World Expo, and World Expo supplies. Complete production chain, with advanced production equipment in the current domestic industry, flow-type production, to achieve comprehensive control of product quality. All raw materials of products are in accordance with international product standards, and the quality management system has passed ISO9001:2000 certification. The group has been rated as a quality credit AAA-level enterprise for many years and has obtained internationally recognized CE certification and TUV certification. It is also a member of China Performance Equipment Association. Mainly engaged in steel/aluminum alloy stage, steel/aluminum alloy truss, folding stage, wedding stage, iron horse, boarding artifact, glass stage, air box, grandstand, reamer frame and scaffolding and other products with very strong production capacity of large enterprises .


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