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Principles and Factors in Assemble Stage Construction

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Lighting and sound are important equipment on the stage. From the perspective of use, lighting and sound act as an important guarantee for people's vision and hearing during use. For users, it is also a good choice to choose a suitable rental business. The rental business has professional equipment and the support of technical personnel in place, which can make the entire use process smoother. Today, I want to talk with you about how the lighting and sound should be better arranged.

Indispensable Factors in Stage Construction – Light and Audio

Lighting is the visual renderer of the stage. I believe that people who have seen the corresponding occasion will have a deep understanding. What aspects of lighting principles in stage construction should we consider when laying out the stage? The color of the light will give people a better vision. At the same time, it is not only the variety of colors, but also the color matching is also an important indispensable factors in stage construction consideration. How to integrate it will give people a better sense of beauty. At the same time, factors such as the performer's clothing need to be considered, so that the overall There is a better effect.

The second is the position of the light. Now many stages choose to use new lighting equipment, such as the ability to automatically adjust the corresponding position when the light is running. The lighting layout on the stage is generally based on a principles in stage construction three-dimensional way, and the visual rendering on the stage is well completed from top to bottom. At the same time, the lighting needs to be considered according to the nature of the indispensable factors in stage construction when it is laid out. Many stages need to be performed in terms of style and location. Therefore, the lighting needs to be arranged according to the nature of the stage.

The same is true for the layout of the sound. Unlike the lighting, the sound is the guarantee of hearing on the stage and the renderer of the sound. In the process of layout, we usually regard the stage indispensable factors in stage construction as a whole as a circle, and then follow the corresponding The ring rule lays out the sound of the stage. In order to give people a better auditory shock, the corresponding position and equipment performance need to be considered before the layout of the sound.

In short, lighting and sound are the two basic guarantees of the stage. For users, the use of sound and lighting is indispensable for their own stage construction.

How to reasonably build the stage used for the event so that it can not only fit the company's corporate image, but also add an atmosphere to the event is the concern of all event planners.

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So what principles should we follow when building a large stage?

1. Analyze the status quo and reasons of the corporate image: The analysis of the status quo and reasons of the corporate image is actually required to diagnose the principles in outdoor assemble stage  construction status quo of the corporate image before formulating a plan, so as to provide a basis for selecting the goals and methods of outdoor assemble stage  construction;

2. Determine the target requirements: Generally speaking, the problem to be solved is the specific target of the large-scale stage construction, which is subject to the overall goal of establishing a corporate image. When planning, the stage construction goals should be clear, specific, feasible and operable;

3. Analysis of the public: Large-scale outdoor assemble stage construction is carried out for different publics in different ways, rather than spreading various information to the public through the media like advertisements. Therefore, only after the public is determined, which outdoor assemble stage construction plans can be selected the most effective, and different public groups have different requirements;

4. Design theme: The theme of large-scale stage construction is a high-level summary of the content of stage construction. It plays a guiding role in the entire stage construction. Whether its theme is wonderful and appropriate has a great impact on the principles in outdoor assemble stage construction effectiveness of public activities. There are various ways of expression, it can be a slogan, a statement or a confession;

5. Choice of activity method: The choice of portable lighting truss construction method is the main content of planning. How to carry out stage construction is related to the effectiveness of the work. Choosing an activity method is creative work. Whether the stage construction is novel and individual, the key depends on whether the creative indispensable factors in stage construction thinking of the planners is active. Therefore, when choosing the way of activities, we should give full play to the original ability and potential ability of the planners.

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