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Problems that may occur when building or using Aluminum truss

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With the public's enthusiasm for entertaining activities, it seems that in many scenarios, it is necessary to build Aluminum truss. some problems may arise in the process of building Aluminum truss, follow me to see the problems that are likely to arise in the process of building Aluminum truss.


Understanding the conditions of Aluminum truss failure

What caused the Aluminum truss to collapse?

Aluminum truss collapse accident solutions

Aluminum truss construction is completed to do these follow-up inspection work


Understanding the conditions of Aluminum truss failure

A big visual feast makes the participants happy, but if it is because of a stage accident, everything will come to zero, this bad experience will affect the mood too much and may cause a performance safety accident, Aluminum truss failure condition is too terrible. So below, Aluminum truss manufacturer will share with you what are the circumstances of stage truss failure?

1.Aluminum truss own node strength is insufficient or failure

1) Shear damage at the gap node, weld pull off.

2) Local buckling failure of the pressurized branch pipe at the node.

3) Laminar tearing of the main pipe wall at the weld seam.

4) shear failure of the main connected to the branch pipe.

5) plastic deformation of the main wall connected with the branch pipe.


2. Failure of large three-dimensional aluminum truss under strong earthquake conditions

1) Dynamic instability damage, the truss structure may be unable to maintain a stable vibration state due to the dominant role of geometric nonlinearity under dynamic load.


2) Dynamic strength damage, which is caused by the excessive development of plastic deformation.

Overall, as long as the above situations are avoided during the stage Aluminum truss erection and the relevant production operations are carried out in strict accordance with the safety production rules and regulations, the safety production hazards will be infinitely reduced, so it is the safety production that is important. If you need help, you can contact Shizhan Group.


What caused the Aluminum truss to collapse?

More or less we have heard or learned about many similar truss collapse accidents, not to mention the financial losses caused, but the seriousness of the problem if it causes heavy casualties. The following are the causes of stage truss collapse accidents as summarized by Shizhan Group.

1. The load is too heavy, exceeding the load-bearing capacity of the truss itself.

2. Stage aluminum truss quality problem, because material or welding defects will affect the overall force of aluminum truss.

3. Aluminum truss is damaged, such as large gap, dent, bend, etc., such aluminum truss is prone to problems.

4. Special weather, strong wind and heavy rain, aluminum truss usually hang on the background spray painting and so on to increase the horizontal force of the truss, easy to collapse.


Aluminum truss collapse accident solutions

1. Aluminum truss load-bearing within a reasonable range (each specification of truss has a corresponding load-bearing range, which will be affected by the span and material), try not to save excessively in this regard, which is directly related to the safety of the whole display system.


2. Choose a more formal aluminum truss manufacturer to produce, and ask the manufacturer to issue the document of installation guidance, including the proposed scheme and load bearing. Do not change at will, listen and change the method of erection.


3. Try not to use the stage aluminum truss with damage visible to the naked eye, find the problem and promptly consult the stage truss manufacturer for guidance, and promptly make up welding or correction and replacement of aluminum truss.


4. Avoid typhoon weather as much as possible, add more safety measures, such as increasing diagonal bracing, cable pulling, reducing lateral wind force, etc. In case of no additional safety, the activity can be stopped and aluminum truss can be reduced to reduce the risk of accident.


In addition, Shizhan Group recommends using large stage trusses to increase the overall bearing capacity, consulting with clients on whether their projects will involve safety in this area, and trying to design aluminum truss systems with good bearing capacity for clients to avoid safety hazards.


Aluminum truss construction is completed to do these follow-up inspection work

Aluminum truss construction is completed to do these follow-up inspection work! After the beams between aluminum truss columns are connected with square pass and confirmed the position, the aluminum truss iron base foot cup should be leveled and the stage truss makes the whole base in the degree state. The adjustment state of the foot cup is within 5MM that the wheels on the base are just separated from the air.

1. It is necessary to stop the installation in strict accordance with the process request. Under normal condition, the parts of the main components of Aluminum truss are assembled first, and the installation method is from inside to outside or from inside to the table.


2. In the whole process of Aluminum truss installation and assembly, no forced method shall be used to assemble the components.


3. In order to prevent the occurrence of various internal stresses and reduce its installation deformation, the preassembly workplace of Aluminum truss should be equipped with proper lifting machinery and installation space.


4. The preassembled mold should be laid according to the technical requirements and its rigidity should be ensured. It is necessary to stop the preassembly of aluminum truss members in the natural state so that it can be correctly installed on the installation position of related members.

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