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Product features of ringlock system scaffolding for sale

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1. Large load-bearing capacity and high strength: The main load-bearing body is made of Q355b high-strength steel, which is 1.5-2 times that of traditional Q235b scaffolding. The single pole can bear up to 10 tons, and the load can be up to 18-19 tons in the destructive load test.

2. Advanced technology: The technology is mature and advanced. The ringlock system scaffolding for sale has been developed for decades since its invention, and the technology is very mature. All accessories are interlocked and used as a complete set, and the load-bearing force transmission is reasonable. The vertical rods and the diagonal rods are all used as a set, the connection is tight, the gap is small, and the force transmission is reasonable and safe during load-bearing.

3. Long service life: ringlock system scaffolding for sale adopts hot-dip galvanizing surface treatment process. The inside and outside of the product are covered by a zinc layer, which has good anti-rust ability. The service life is usually more than 10 years, and the normal use is 15-20 years. There is no problem.

4. Fast loading and unloading: each part of the ringlock system scaffolding for sale is pre-welded, no extra parts need to be assembled separately, the site is easy to disassemble and assemble, and it can be solved with a hammer, saving construction time.

5. Less consumption: Compared with traditional scaffolding, the disc-buckle scaffolding has a larger vertical pole spacing and a long cross-bar step distance. In this way, the density of the entire project scaffolding will be much smaller, so the amount of the same size project is less.

6. Low overall cost: The product has almost no loss, low maintenance cost, no extra parts, and no parts are lost. The parts are pre-welded, so basically no maintenance is required. Many times of use, long service life; fast loading and unloading, saving time and effort; wide application range, high rental rate, now the market is in short supply, and the stock will be rented out, so the return on the cost will be quick.

7. Policy support: The government is very supportive of this kind of safe and reliable scaffolding. In many cities, it has been clearly required that some large projects must use the ringlock system scaffolding for sale. The future prospects are promising and the demand is great.

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