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Roof Truss sent to Nigeria

Date: 21.07.2023 Viewed: times
This week marks a significant achievement for Shizhan Group as we successfully shipped a specially designed Roof Truss to Nigeria. This grand structure, tailored for a local church event, represents a new milestone in our continuous expansion in international markets.

Our Roof Truss, meticulously designed and built with precision engineering, carries dimensions of 13m length, 9m width, and a towering height of 7m. It is an awe-inspiring sight and a testament to the structural and aesthetic prowess of our design and manufacturing teams. Further adding to the uniqueness of this truss, it is equipped with two 3m sound wings, allowing for optimum acoustics during church performances.

Some detailed pictures can be seen below:


Roof Truss Detailes

Roof Truss Detailes

Roof Truss Detailes

Roof Truss Detailes

Roof Truss Detailes


Roof Truss Construction

Roof Truss Construction


Roof Truss Packaging

Roof Truss Packaging

Shipping this significant structure overseas, particularly to Nigeria, required detailed planning and robust logistics. Our team meticulously coordinated each step, from the careful disassembly and packaging to ensure the truss's integrity during transport, to liaising with local partners to facilitate smooth customs clearance and delivery.

The receipt of the Roof Truss in Nigeria marks a new chapter in our global outreach. We are thrilled to see our products being used to enhance community events and performances, thereby bringing joy and harmony to people's lives.

The delivery of this Roof Truss to Nigeria exemplifies Shizhan Group's commitment to meeting customer needs, regardless of location. It serves as a reminder that our products' quality and our dedication to service know no boundaries. We are proud to be a part of this church event and look forward to providing similarly high-quality trusses for performances and events around the world.

Shizhan Group will continue to innovate, adapt and deliver top-quality products that meet diverse needs across different cultural and geographical landscapes. We will maintain our commitment to quality, safety, and customer satisfaction, as we believe these are the pillars that drive our long-term development and success.

We have our own aluminum profile production line and polising and mold open device which can make the cost the lowest.

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