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Specification for safe use of ringlock scaffolding

Date: 17.02.2022 Viewed: times

Last time we introduced the ringlock type scaffolding, also known as the ringlock type scaffolding, which is not the same type as the ringlock type scaffolding. It originated in Germany and is a mainstream product in Europe and America.

The ringlock scaffolding support frame is divided into: vertical poles, horizontal poles and inclined poles; there are eight holes on the ringlock, four small holes are dedicated to the horizontal poles, and four large holes are dedicated to the oblique poles. (bolt, rivet)

The main material of the ringlock scaffold: low alloy structural steel (national standard Q345B)

Hot-dip galvanizing process: internal and external hot-dip galvanizing anti-corrosion process; 60 series heavy-duty support, 5-meter pole bearing capacity of 9.5 tons, safety factor of 2.

Secondly, let's take a look at the characteristics of the ringlock scaffolding:

1. Advanced technology, the international mainstream ringlock scaffold connection method, reasonable node design, and scaffold upgrade products;

2. Raw materials: using low alloy structural steel national standard Q345B

3. Hot-dip galvanizing process, internal and external hot-dip galvanizing anti-corrosion process, improve product service life, both beautiful and beautiful.

4. Using automatic welding machine, the product has high precision, strong interchangeability, stable and reliable quality.

5. Large bearing capacity: The allowable bearing capacity of 60 series 5-meter vertical poles is 9.5 tons, and the breaking load reaches 19 tons.

6. Less dosage and light weight

7. Fast assembly, easy to use and cost saving.

ringlock scaffolding

The safety of ringlock scaffolding is also very important. Every year workers lose their lives because of ringlock scaffolding accidents. So how should ringlock scaffolding be operated safely?

Let me introduce to you below:

Under no circumstances shall the basic components and connecting wall parts of the scaffolding be arbitrarily removed, and various safety protection facilities of the ringlock scaffolding shall not be arbitrarily dismantled. As long as you can do the following, you will be able to do safe construction:

①The load on the working surface of the ringlock scaffolding (including scaffold boards, personnel, tools and materials, etc.), when there is no design regulation, the structural ringlock scaffolding shall not exceed 4KN/m2 for decoration, and the ringlock scaffolding shall not exceed kN/m2; Maintenance of ringlock scaffolds does not exceed 1kN/m2.

② The load on the working surface of the ringlock scaffold should be evenly distributed to avoid excessive load concentration.

③ The number of scaffolding layers and simultaneous working layers of the ringlock scaffolding shall not exceed the specified number.

④ The number of decking layers and load control of the transfer platform between the vertical transport facility (head frame, etc.) and the ringlock scaffolding shall not exceed the provisions of the construction organization design, and the number of decking layers shall not be arbitrarily increased or excessive stacking of construction materials.

⑤ Lintels, fasteners, etc. should be installed along with transportation, and should not be stored on ringlock scaffolding.

⑥Heavier construction equipment (such as electric welding machine, etc.) shall not be placed on the ringlock scaffold. ringlock scaffolding has broad market prospects at present. ringlock scaffolding is divided into 60 series heavy-duty support and 48 series two specifications. From the perspective of production cost, the two are almost the same, so the difference in sales price is not very big, but it depends on the specific product quality.

For example, the manufacturer of raw materials, the level of welding technology, the level of galvanizing technology, the quality control system, the quality inspection process and other comprehensive factors cannot be generalized. Safety construction is the most important.

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