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Stage Truss Installation Specifications

Date: 18.01.2022 Viewed: times

The stage truss is basically a necessary item in all celebration activities. It is the cornerstone of the entire event. To ensure the safety and reliability of the quality of the stage truss, and whether the appearance is beautiful or not are the first issues to be considered in the celebration activities.

So in outdoor performances and commercial activities, how to use the stage and stage lighting racks, background racks, sound racks, etc. to add luster to wonderful performances? During the installation and construction of these stage trusses and lighting racks, what should be paid attention to? Today, the author will come to discuss it with you.

1. It is the choice of stage truss material:

At present, the common stage truss materials on the market are mainly divided into two categories, namely steel truss and aluminum alloy truss. The steel stage truss is made of national standard Q235, and the aluminum alloy stage truss is made of 6061-T6 aviation aluminum.

2. Specifications of stage truss:

Before building the stage, we also need to consider the scale of the event and the expected number of participants, and select the specifications of the stage truss in advance according to the desired event effect and venue. The first is the area of the venue. After the stage area is selected, the stage truss is selected, what is the required span and load-bearing capacity, how many lights, audio and other equipment need to be fixed, where to fix it, and so on.

3. Stage truss venue and weather factors:

stage truss

The site factor determines the scale of the event. After selecting the stage and truss according to the site factor, the weather factors of the day should also be considered, whether a sunshade or a rain shelter is needed. Calculate the length of each part of the stage truss and reserve it.

4. Assembly and installation method of stage truss:

Professional stage truss construction workers have their own methods for construction work. What needs to be explained here is the fixing of the bottom of the stage truss and high-altitude operations. For the safety of the event site, the base of the stage truss must be fixed during construction, and other people should be prevented from approaching in the area, and special personnel should be sent to take care of it. For high-altitude stage truss construction, it is best to use scaffolding.

5. Stage truss installation space load-bearing structure:

The load-bearing capacity of the stage truss is very strong. Generally, a truss with a diameter of 22mm, a diameter of 1.2mm and a thickness of 6mm can bear a load of 200 catties. Stage trusses of different specifications have different load-bearing capacities, so hanging lights and sound is not a problem, but they need to be fixed.

From the selection of the stage truss to the installation and construction of the stage truss, you can consult the Jiangsu Shizhan Group Co.,Ltd. on the choice. We are a stage truss manufacturer, and we have a professional construction team. During the whole event, safety is the most important, so we will pay attention to the details of each connection during installation, conduct inspections and send special personnel to watch. If you have any need for stage truss, please feel free to contact us.


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