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Stage truss should pay attention to the construction skills

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In modern society, stage trusses are inseparable from all kinds of performances, celebrations, weddings, and openings. Different types have different requirements for the shape, size and height of the stage truss. However, in actual work, many stage truss builders are inexperienced, and some of the stage trusses built do not meet the requirements of the organizer. They have to rework, and they are also laborious and expensive, and even lead to safety accidents. Frightening. Today, the editor has sorted out some problems and construction skills that should be paid attention to in the construction of stage trusses, let's learn together.

In fact, most of the stage is composed of two parts: truss and wooden boards. Our common stages include T-shaped stage trusses and rectangular stage trusses. A truss is used to hang a curtain behind the stage. Generally, the content of the curtain is the purpose and purpose of the event, which is also the key content of the performance.

Under normal circumstances, it is best to have two people build the stage truss at the same time, so that the movements are unified and coordinated, the effect will be very good, and the work efficiency will be much faster. Secondly, the general stage truss construction is to use four steel pipes as the legs and a piece of wood as the table top, and the wood can be formed by fixing the wood on the steel pipe legs.

In addition, in consideration of the firmness of the stage truss, the personal safety of the actors and the smooth progress of the performance, it is best to ensure that the gap between each stage truss board is minimized when the planks are erected. Finally, use a rope to fix it on both sides of the stage truss where it can be stabilized, and then fix the entire stage truss to the objects on both sides. In this way, a complete stage truss is built successfully.

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The following editors will bring you some more practical stage truss construction skills:

1. Safety of stage trusses

As a professional stage truss construction service provider, the safety of the stage truss is the primary consideration, which is also the most basic thing. For customers, if they need to place heavy objects or stand a lot of people on the stage truss, they must communicate with the stage truss constructor in advance. The iron shelf supported below, the load-bearing wooden box plus more, the stage truss wooden board is double-layered, and so on.

2. The height of the stage truss

Celebration-type stage trusses usually use heights of 20cm, 40cm, and 60cm; 20cm-high stage trusses are mostly used for small and medium-sized or indoor activities. Because of their small scale, they can easily shorten the distance with the audience for better communication. . It is mostly used for birthday parties, corporate annual meetings, product recommendations, etc.;

40cm high stage truss: It is the most commonly used and the most beautiful, especially in the construction of stage trusses for celebrations, such as opening ceremonies, launching ceremonies, unveiling ceremonies, and annual meetings of large enterprises and companies. 40cm stage trusses are used. The 40cm stage truss can create a formal, serious and grand stage truss atmosphere, and can have a certain distance from the audience without losing its interaction and intimacy;

60cm high stage truss: It is mostly used in large-scale occasions with a large number of participants, which can make all audiences have a better viewing effect, suitable for concerts, star meetings, etc.

3. The aesthetics of the stage truss

After the stage truss is built, carpet will be laid on the stage truss, and its color will be customized according to the customer's requirements. When beautifying the stage truss, the carpet must be brand new, and the edges must be seamlessly spliced. Doing these details will make the stage truss more beautiful and atmospheric.

4. Dimensions of the stage truss

Stage truss construction, there must be size restrictions. If the size does not match, it will not only affect the aesthetics, but also increase the cost. When the size of the stage truss is determined, Jiangsu World Exhibition Group recommends choosing the size of integer *integer, which is the most economical and effective, and can achieve more with less effort. Effect.


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