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Summary of all kinds of aluminum scaffolding safety inspection points

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Aluminum scaffolding is an indispensable temporary facility in construction. In order to ensure construction safety, the safety inspection of scaffolding is very important. There are various types of scaffolding on the construction site. When conducting construction site safety inspections, each type of scaffolding should be inspected in a targeted manner.

Today, we summarize the safety inspection points of six types of scaffolding: floor type, cantilever type, portal type, hanging type, hanging basket, and attached lifting scaffolding. Let's take a look.

Floor-standing aluminum scaffolding

1. Check points of the construction plan

Whether there is a construction plan for the scaffold; whether the height of the scaffold exceeds the specification; there is no design calculation or approval; whether the construction plan can guide the construction.

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2. Check points for the foundation of the pole

Whether the foundation of every 10 meters of extension is flat and solid, in line with the design requirements of the scheme; whether every 10 meters of extension is lack of base and dunnage; whether every 10 meters of extension is a sweeping pole; whether every 10 meters of extension has drainage measures.

3. Check points for the tie between the frame body and the building structure

The height of the scaffolding is more than 7 meters. Whether the frame body and the building structure are tied together, and whether it is missing or not firmly tied according to the regulations.

4. Check points for component spacing and scissor braces

Whether the distance between vertical poles, large horizontal poles, and small horizontal poles per 10 meters of extension exceeds the specified requirements; whether the scissor braces are set according to the regulations; whether the scissor braces are continuously set along the height of the scaffold, and whether the angle meets the requirements.

5. Check points for scaffolding and protective railings

Whether the scaffolding board is fully covered; whether the material of the scaffolding board meets the requirements; whether there is a probe board; whether a dense mesh safety net is set on the outside of the scaffolding, and whether the nets are tight;

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6. Check points for small crossbar settings

Whether a small crossbar is set at the intersection of the vertical rod and the large crossbar; whether the small crossbar is only fixed at one end; whether the single-row shelf crossbar inserted into the wall is less than 24CM.

7. Check points for disclosure and acceptance

Whether there is a disclosure before the scaffolding is erected; whether the acceptance procedures are completed after the scaffolding is erected; whether there is a quantitative acceptance content.

8. Check points for lap joints

Whether the lap joint of the large horizontal bar is less than 1.5 meters; whether the steel pipe vertical pole is used for lap joint, and whether the lap joint length of scissors supports meets the requirements.

9. Check points for the closure in the frame

Whether every 10 meters below the construction layer is closed with flat nets or other measures; whether the vertical poles in the construction layer scaffold and the building are closed.

10. Check points for scaffolding materials

Whether the steel pipe is bent or corroded seriously.

11. Check points for safe passage

Whether the rack body is equipped with upper and lower channels; whether the channel settings meet the requirements.

12. Check points of the unloading platform

Whether the unloading platform has been designed and calculated; whether the setting of the unloading platform meets the design requirements; whether the support system of the unloading platform is connected with the scaffolding; whether the unloading platform has a limited load sign.

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