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The knowledge of the stage lighting truss You need to know

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1. What is a stage lighting truss?

2. Attention when building stage lighting truss.

3. Where to buy stage lighting truss is better?

4. The importance of stability for the stage lighting truss.




What is a stage lighting truss?

Stage lighting truss is widely used for hanging moving head lights, LED screens, line array speakers, TV studios, etc. in stage events. The stage lighting truss system is made of aluminum 6061-T6 or 6082-T6. Anywhere stage equipment is deployed, you are likely to find stage lighting trusses.


Stage lighting trusses come in several different lengths and when joined together can create longer spans or different shapes such as trapezoidal trusses, triangular trusses, square/box trusses, round trusses, hexagonal trusses and star trusses. Mostly used for stage lighting equipment, it can also be called stage lighting stand.


Shizhan Group is one of the most reliable manufacturers of lighting stands in China. All of our aluminum lighting stands are of high quality in accordance with CE, TUV and ISO9001 certifications. We provide 100% satisfaction and guarantee to all our customers.


Shizhan not only supplies fixed-size aluminum lighting trusses, but also offers our own custom truss manufacturing facilities. As a result, we can offer both professional and non-standard truss designs under our brand.


We can advise you on the different grades of stage trusses and their suitability for your requirements or situation, from light workshop truss systems to heavy industrial stage truss rigging.


We offer standard trusses in a variety of sizes, strengths and lengths. Each truss size can be manufactured in lengths from 0.5m to 3m and in some cases up to 6m. The trusses from around the world are deep and wide. Materials, shapes, sizes and accessories all play an important role in determining the right one for your application.


Light trusses are simply an invaluable tool for quickly creating clear display areas strong enough to support heavy equipment and provide secure mounting for curtains and advertising banners. Often hidden behind screens and drapes, trusses are the backbone of theater and television productions due to their flexibility and ability to be changed quickly.


Attention when building stage lighting truss.

Stage lighting truss is an auxiliary artifact, the performance needs lighting to create the atmosphere. So, what are the factors to be considered when building a stage lighting truss?


Today, Shizhan Group would like to briefly discuss this and hope that it will be helpful for customers who need it.


First of all, to build the stage lighting truss, we should pay attention to its sturdiness and safety; secondly, we should pay attention to the visual aesthetics of the audience.


Stability. Firstly, the material of stage lighting truss is made of high quality aviation aluminum, such as decorative metal products and other aluminum alloy stage lighting truss made of 6061-t6, with national standard wall thickness and strong bearing capacity; secondly, the welding of stage lighting truss is made of fish scale welding process, with dense welding joints, and the stage lighting truss is not affected by external forces; thirdly, the connection method of stage lighting truss is made of screws Multi-directional fixing, strong stability.


Safety. First, the space to build stage lighting truss should be ample, to maintain a certain distance from the stage. So, before building to look at the site, especially in the hotel, indoor situation, but also to check the height. Only after the field measurement can be in the accurate design of the appropriate stage lighting truss, otherwise it will be a waste of time.


Finally, the visual effect. To bring a visual feast to the audience, you have to start from the audience's point of view, such as the size of the venue, the most edge of the audience's vision. Experiments have proved that the stage with a roof can increase the visual impact and three-dimensional feeling, and this "roof" need stage lighting truss to achieve. Therefore, the height of the stage lighting truss, must fit with the stage, not high and not low.


Where to buy stage lighting truss is better?

Stage lighting truss is an indispensable event equipment for modern business, and it is also a difficult problem encountered by businesses when purchasing event equipment: Where to buy stage lighting truss?

So, where to buy stage lighting trusses? There is no doubt that you can only go to the stage lighting truss manufacturer. The stage lighting trusses directly supplied by the Jiangsu Shi Zhan outperform other channels in terms of materials and categories.



The material of the stage lighting truss is aluminum alloy, but there are also different types of aluminum alloy. For example, the stage lighting trusses produced by Jiangsu Shi Zhan Group are made of high-quality aviation aluminum materials, the thickness of the national standard, the load-bearing range is between 400-1000KG, and the span of 12-26 meters can be built, which fully meets the needs of daily commercial activities. But there is no proof to say, only to go to the manufacturer to observe, can we get the true result.



There are many types of stage lighting trusses, such as mesh frame, aluminum plate frame, stage lighting truss, tripod, herringbone top heavy frame, etc. In stage lighting truss manufacturers, these categories of stage lighting trusses are stocked all year round and the supply is sufficient. Moreover, the stage lighting truss manufacturer can know the stage lighting truss is easy to use and suitable for the first time, instead of buying it and discovering that it is not suitable.



The price of stage lighting trusses purchased from manufacturers is much lower than the market price because intermediate channels are omitted. However, in the process of stage lighting truss manufacturers gradually strengthening network marketing, the "price" advantage is no longer so obvious. Sometimes, choosing a stage lighting truss manufacturer is just a bargaining convenience. Factory price sales, low profit, bargaining can better determine the reserve price, and it is no longer easy to lose money when buying.


The importance of stability for the stage lighting truss.

Stage lighting truss is used in a wide range of event applications, in the advertising industry and choreography design used a lot. It can also be used to build large scale performance and lighting truss structures.


Stage lighting truss should be stable when used, so that it is not only safe but also not easy to damage the truss itself, and also pay attention to maintenance when it is normally used. As there is no strict requirement for the usage period of Stage lighting truss, as long as it is properly maintained, its performance can be guaranteed to meet the long-term use.


If not often used, when stored to pay attention to moisture, avoid dust, so as to avoid its oxidation or moisture. Also avoid some corrosive substances to damage the surface of Stage lighting truss. But also in the wash and dry, can not be placed in the sun, so as not to accelerate its oxidation.


How to keep the dryness of Stage lighting truss

With the increasing number of various performance activities, Stage lighting truss is used more and more by outdoor performance activities, and people's requirements for the safety and beauty of Stage lighting truss are increasingly high, and the plate as one of the primary parts of the stage load-bearing, its sturdiness is related to the Stage lighting truss Safety features, and outdoor performances often encounter wind and rain bad weather, can not avoid avoid encountering stage board to get wet conditions, so we are in the outdoor stage plate selection is particularly important, together with the consideration of its inventory of moisture-proof function.


There is Stage lighting truss in the ordinary use of the process, try to adhere to the stage plate appearance of dry, in the warehouse storage to mop the floor to the stage panel frame pad high stacked, in wet weather or perhaps in wet areas, can put some dry agent in the warehouse.


Stage lighting trusses have good load-bearing capacity and strong randomness. Aluminum trusses allow idols to get closer to the audience. The aluminum truss is made of aluminum alloy, which has a strong anti-corrosion function of its own and extends the service life a lot. With the increase of performances, the demand for Stage lighting truss is also increasing.


Business and performance activities are becoming more frequent, and the need for Stage lighting trusses is becoming more and more widespread. So for Stage lighting truss construction is also a matter that needs attention. Therefore, there are strict requirements for the sturdiness and impact resistance of the Stage lighting trusses when they are processed by the truss factory. Considering the special application of aluminum truss, the truss factory needs to strictly follow the production process when processing, after all, safety is important to every enterprise.


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