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The way to identify the quality of aluminum truss

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Aluminum truss only has light quality, good load-bearing ability and strong resistance to environmental oxidation, except for some special corrosion of course. Generally speaking, aluminum trusses used in indoor stage trusses, trusses that are less exposed to wind and sun and less disassembled and worn can last for 10 years or even more than 20 years, but of course, some parts that are prone to aging (such as screws and other parts that are prone to oxidation and corrosion) should be checked after a long time.


Observe some details of aluminum truss

Load-bearing capacity of aluminum truss

Aluminum truss corrosion resistance



Observe some details of aluminum truss

Generally speaking, aluminum truss used indoors, less exposed to wind and sun and less disassembled and worn aluminum truss can be used for 10 years or even more than 20 years, of course, the time is longer to look at some of its easy to age parts (such as screws and other parts prone to oxidation and corrosion).


Its detailed use of time should also be based on its load-bearing capacity and the weight accepted to account for, placed indoors for the installation of the general weight of aluminum truss use time is longer. It is also important to look at the welding joints of aluminum truss, whether they are spot welding or full welding, which is very important for the stability of aluminum truss.


Usually, good aluminum truss welding parts are very delicate and can be judged by whether the welding rules and scales are accurate or not. The material of truss product directly affects the goodness of truss. If the wall thickness of the main tube is less than 1.0MM, the strength can hardly be guaranteed. The span of the truss is about 9 meters.


In addition, you can also judge by the spraying effect, good truss product appearance spraying product outer appearance is particularly lubricious, and the color is shiny, spraying appearance is uniform, no bulging, leakage spraying and other phenomena.


Load-bearing capacity of aluminum truss

When choosing aluminum truss, many customers ask: How is the load-bearing capacity of aluminum truss and is it really worth buying? Here Shizhan Group can tell you that aluminum truss has strong load-bearing capacity, good strength and wear resistance, and is widely used in various industries. It is worth choosing!


Aluminum truss has very good connection performance in the process of use, which is very good for everyone's use, and the use is very wide, which can be used in many places. The use and installation of aluminum truss is very convenient, does not take too much time, for the user is to save time, in the use of a very good, such an aluminum truss products worth everyone to choose.


Of course, because aluminum truss is often used in stage construction, so the specific situation should be communicated with the manufacturer, and then determine the appropriate size specifications to meet the customer's use requirements.


Aluminum truss corrosion resistance

There are several methods of rust removal and decontamination as follows.

1. Shot blasting rust removal: the use of high-speed operation of machinery and equipment to a certain size of steel shot by the centrifugal force of the blast head, the steel shot and components thrown violent collision strikes so as to achieve the purpose of removing rust from the steel surface of a method. It uses a variety of steel shot: cast iron shot and steel wire cut shot two.


2. Sandblasting rust removal: the use of high-pressure air with quartz sand sprayed to the surface of the components to achieve a rust removal method. The sources of quartz sand are: river sand, sea sand and artificial sand, etc. The cost of sand is low and the source is widely available, but it is polluting to the environment; rust removal is entirely manual, and the surface roughness of the component after rust removal is small and not easy to meet the requirement of friction coefficient.


3. Manual and power rust removal: simple tools and convenient construction. However, the labor intensity is high and the quality of rust removal is poor. This method can only be used partially under the condition that other methods are not available. For example, the repair of individual components or the local rust removal treatment at the installation site. The common tools are: sander, spatula, wire brush, sand cloth, etc.


4. Pickling rust removal: Pickling rust removal is also called chemical rust removal. The principle is to use the acid in the pickling solution to chemically react with the metal oxides to dissolve them and remove the rust and dirt on the steel surface. After pickling and rust removal, a large amount of water must be used to clean and passivate the steel; the large amount of wastewater, waste acid and acid mist formed causes environmental pollution.


Everything has a "theoretical life", and it is reasonable to say that galvanized trusses will not "rust" as long as they are used reasonably and maintained in time. However, the reality is that Aluminum truss will still become rusty after a period of time, especially after high strength and intensity use. Therefore, you can try to remove the rust by following the method provided by Shizhan Group!

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