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Tips for stage truss construction

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Stage trusses appear in all areas of people's lives. With the continuous improvement of people's requirements for entertainment and cultural life and the development of various business propaganda methods, business and performance activities are becoming more frequent, and stage trusses are used more and more widely. Building a stage truss with a unique safety design can not only provide a platform for various performances or merchandise displays, but also add a lot of color to the event with exquisite design. It can be seen that stage truss construction is not just to build a table, but to design in conjunction with the event itself, taking into account many factors. The following are some tips on stage truss construction summarized by the editor.

Stage part

The main style of the celebration is festive. Whether the content of the event is a speech or a performance, the stage is an indispensable platform.

1. The stage truss construction should take into account the location of the stage. For many publicity activities, stage construction is not just a platform, but a stage to attract the public’s attention and maximize the publicity effect. For such activities, it is necessary to build the stage in the local prosperous area as much as possible. , Or well-known places.

Truss part

As a celebration event, one of the standard equipment is the background frame. The background truss can be made of steel material, which is cost-effective. The trusses have square tube trusses and round tube trusses. The background steel trusses use steel trusses, and the advertising display screens such as inkjet cloth are wrapped on the outside to print the celebration theme.

The sound frame uses a round tube aluminum alloy truss. If you need to configure the lighting, it can be fixed on the aluminum alloy truss. What kind of truss is used for the stage background truss and the light and sound frame are exquisite. Small trusses are enough for small celebrations. How to arrange the celebration site, not only must be planned in advance, but also a stage truss suitable for site needs must be selected according to the plan. There must be a systematic plan for product purchase and site construction. In order to achieve the desired effect of the celebration, in addition to these, it also needs to expand and enrich the content. This is the core of the celebration.

 stage truss

2. Due to the development of modern acoustic and electrical equipment, sound and light can create a good on-site effect, and can be changed according to the needs of the on-site effect. Therefore, the use of acoustic and electrical equipment must be paid attention to when setting up the stage.

3. The stage truss construction should also consider the location of the stage to facilitate the gathering and evacuation of participants. Because many business activities require a large number of participants, the stage construction itself must take into account the traffic problems of the participants. Only fast and convenient transportation can attract as many audiences as possible for the exhibition, so as to achieve the stage construction itself. The effect to be achieved.

4. Equipment issues that also need to be considered for stage truss construction. Only perfect equipment can make the stage come alive and play the role of the stage as a propaganda platform more effectively. In this regard, the effects of lighting and sound are very important. It can be seen from the above that considering the various issues that may be involved in the construction of the stage truss and the stage being put into use, it can not only give full play to the advantages of the stage, add highlights to the event, which is impressive, achieves the best publicity effect, and can make possible The emergence of other circumstances is minimized to ensure the complete success of the event.

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