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Tips for using Aluminum truss stage

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Things to note in the transportation of Aluminum truss stage

How to improve the acid and alkali resistance of Aluminum truss stage?

How to distinguish the good and bad of Aluminum truss stage rod? How the advantages of truss are reflected?

Height of Aluminum truss stage





Things to note in the transportation of Aluminum truss stage

Aluminum truss stage is lifted by two points, in order to prevent the lateral instability of single joist, aluminum truss stage is recommended to set the cable wind rope at 1/3 position from each end on both sides of the joist during lifting, and the aluminum truss stage is fixed by cable wind rope after it is in position.


Aluminum truss stage is also lifted in two sections with two points, the shorter section is lifted first, the overhanging end is placed on the top of the support frame and the elevation is adjusted by level monitoring, after that the longer section is lifted, the upper and lower chord docking ports are welded before the crane takes off the hook, after that the web rod between the docking points is welded.


Trapezoidal Aluminum truss: Compared with triangular truss, the force condition of the rod is improved and it is easier to meet the process requirements of some industrial plants when used in roof trusses. If the upper and lower chords of trapezoidal truss are parallel, it is a parallel chord truss, and the force condition of the rod is slightly worse than trapezoidal truss, but the web type is greatly reduced, and it is used in bridges and trestle bridges.


Polygonal Aluminum truss: also called bending truss. The upper chord node is located on the secondary parabola, if the upper chord is arched, it can reduce the bending moment generated by the inter-section load, but the manufacture is more complicated. Under the effect of uniform load, the truss shape is similar to the moment pattern of simply supported beam, so the upper and lower chord axial force is evenly distributed, the web axial force is smaller and the material used is less, so it is a common truss method in engineering.


Aluminum truss stage should be lifted from the rear direction when lifting, and each crane should be lifted from one point. Immediately after being in place, weld the butt joint at both ends and then weld the web between the butt points.




How to improve the acid and alkali resistance of Aluminum truss stage?

Aluminum truss stage is made of high strength aluminum alloy 6061-T6 or 6082-T6, because aluminum itself is a more active metal component, it is easy to have chemical reaction with external acid and alkali. In order to provide the stability of aluminum truss performance, the aluminum truss can be oxidized to make the surface with a layer of oxide film to stop the corrosive effect of external substances on the aluminum truss stage.


In order to overcome the defects in surface hardness and wear resistance of Aluminum truss stage and prolong the service life, surface treatment technology becomes an important part in the use of aluminum alloy. The metal oxide film changes the surface state and performance, such as surface coloring, improving corrosion resistance, enhancing wear resistance and hardness, protecting the metal surface, etc.


Aluminum truss stage has better performance, so if you pursue the beauty and practicality of the stage, then Shizhan Aluminum truss stage is a good choice.




How to distinguish the good and bad of Aluminum truss stage rod? How the advantages of truss are reflected?

Aluminum truss structure is used in many industries, and the stability of the structure itself is very good. At the beginning, it was used in the ceiling of some industrial buildings, and the more common one was gas station, but with the development of the times, the Aluminum truss stage is also hot nowadays. The product itself reflects the advantages everywhere, and its own variety is very much.


In fact, the erection of many temporary aluminum trusses is very time-consuming and labor-intensive. In fact, if there is this aluminum alloy truss, a lot of time is saved in the middle, which can effectively improve everyone's rehearsal time and is very beneficial for the actors on the stage. For many long-term use of the stage Aluminum truss stage, it is more should will aluminum truss to play the foundation, because its service life will be longer.


So how should you identify the aluminum truss zero pole in use. First of all, the two poles of aluminum truss are observed to see whether the nodes of the two poles are on two nodes which are not co-linear, and there is no load phenomenon, if they meet the above two points, the two poles are zero poles. Secondly, it is to judge whether the nodes of two poles of aluminum alloy truss are not coincident.


Next, for aluminum joist three poles, if the load of aluminum joist three poles node is above one pole and two poles are in a straight line, then the third pole is zero pole. Then compare with symmetrical aluminum alloy joist, if it is above the symmetrical load action and there is no load on the K-shape of symmetrical axis, it shows that the diagonal rod on this node is a zero rod.


The zero bar in aluminum joist refers to the bar with zero axial force under certain load. Judgment of zero rod is the first step of aluminum truss calculation, it will make the subsequent analysis and calculation smoother. There are often some special shaped nodes in aluminum truss, mastering the balance law of these nodes can quickly judge the zero rod, which will bring great convenience to the calculation.




Height of Aluminum truss stage

Aluminum truss stage not only needs to consider the stage area and lighting and sound equipment, but also the height of aluminum truss stage is a factor to be considered in order to achieve good performance effect.


Generally speaking, the height of the indoor stage truss is determined by the ceiling height and area. If the height of stage truss is too short, the effect of stage lighting and sound equipment cannot be reflected. The area also plays an important role in deciding the height of indoor stage truss. Generally speaking, the stage area and height should keep a certain ratio, generally speaking, stage trusses in Yunnan are built to 4-8 meters high, do not increase the excessive height at will, if the lighter trusses rise too high, the center of gravity of the whole system is too high and also prone to accidents, in this case, some ties can be added to stabilize the stage truss indoors or consult the manufacturer advice.


The height of outdoor Aluminum truss stage is not limited by the ceiling height, but the height also needs to be based on some conditions: the whole site area, if small activities, the height can be 4-8 meters. Generally this height is suitable for all sizes of stage truss. If the site is bigger and the number of people is huge, the height will be higher and may rise to more than 10 meters, this kind of height needs special attention to safety issues, you can add long nails to fix the truss column at the bottom of the column of Aluminum truss stage, and add fixed cables or diagonal braces to fix the column around the Aluminum truss stage.


Shizhan Group suggests that the height of the stage truss should not be increased at will, as it may cause accidents and must be increased with sufficient preparation.

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