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What accessories do you need to build aluminum truss stage?

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Aluminum alloy stage lighting frame is used to build stage support, usually used to build stage equipment. However, a perfect stage building requires a lot of knowledge and a full combination of beauty and power. Therefore, in many aspects, we should pay attention to the perfect cooperation between various equipment. For example, the perfect structure of the light frame requires the use of the following accessories.

The function of the square sleeve is to connect the pole lamp holder and the beam holder. When pulled up by hand, the beam can move up and down. The square sleeve is provided with pulleys, so that the square sleeve slides vertically along the direction of the column. The square sleeve is different from the six-sided joint. The six-sided joint after connecting the beam cannot move up and down, but the square sleeve can be moved.

The opposite head is a truss with a pine leaf connection in the middle, and the upper part can rotate a large angle along the connection axis. The function of the reverse head is to facilitate the construction of the column truss. If there is no opposite end of the column lamp stand, you need to use tools such as a ladder to assemble each node on the lamp stand. The reverse end is very simple and convenient. As long as the lamp holders are connected straightly together, one end of the lamp holder is connected to one end of the reverse head, and the bottom end of the other end is fixed to the base, and then several people can put the column trusses together.

The base is an accessory for supporting column truss installed under a high-quality durable light frame. There are movable legs under the base, which can adjust the height and height, which is very useful for performance venues with uneven ground. Connect the upper reverse head with screws, and insert four holes around the diagonal support of the water balance rod (black).

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