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What are the characteristics of ringlock scaffolding?

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Ringlock scaffolding features:

1. Multifunctional. According to the specific construction requirements, the ringlock scaffolding can form construction equipment with multiple functions, such as single-row, double-row scaffolding, support frame, support column, etc. with a modulus of 0.5m in various frame sizes and loads, and can be arranged in curves. .

2. The structure is small, the ringlock scaffolding is convenient to build and disassemble, and the basic structure and special components can make the system adapt to various structural buildings.

3. Economical, ringlock scaffolding can save labor cost. The construction and splicing speed is 0.5 times faster than that of the bowl buckle scaffolding, which reduces labor time and labor remuneration, reduces freight and reduces the overall cost.

4. The joint structure is reasonable, the ringlock scaffolding is easy to operate, light and convenient.

5. Large bearing capacity. The axial force transmission of the vertical rods of the ringlock type scaffolding makes the scaffolding as a whole in three-dimensional space, with high structural strength and good overall stability. The strength is 200% higher than that of the bowl buckle scaffold.

6. Safe and reliable. The ringlock scaffold adopts the self-locking structure interspersed with independent wedges. Due to the interlock and gravity, the horizontal rod plug cannot come out even if the latch is not knocked tight. The plug-in has a self-locking function, which can be locked by pressing the latch or unplugged for disassembly. In addition, the contact surface between the fastener and the pillar is large, which improves the bending strength of the steel pipe and ensures that the pillar will not appear when the two are combined. askew.

7. The overall benefit is good. The series of ringlock scaffolding components are standardized, which is convenient for transportation management. No scattered and easily lost components, low loss and less investment in the later stage.

So why do we choose ringlock scaffolding?

Ringlock scaffolding has the following excellent features:

1. Peace of mind

(1) There are no easily lost accessories in the whole system of the ringlock scaffold, which is easy to manage and reduce consumption;

(2) The operation tool of the ringlock scaffold is simple (only a hammer is required for erection and disassembly), and the erection and disassembly are simple;

(3) One-stop service, which integrates "support plan", "scaffold production, leasing", "installation and disassembly management and control", so that customers can be more worry-free.

2. Efficient

(1) The fixation of the ringlock scaffold is simple: the bolts are snap-fitted, and each connection only needs to be inserted into the bolts and tightened, saving man-hours and labor;

(2) The ringlock scaffold is easy to assemble and disassemble: the construction is simple, the bolt rods are in one piece, the assembly is convenient and fast, and the man-hour and labor are saved;

(3) The ringlock-type scaffolding is easy to carry: block-type hoisting or wheel shifting can be used to reduce repeated assembly and save man-hours and labor.

 ringlock scaffolding

3. Save money

(1) The amount of steel used for the ringlock scaffold is less: less than 1/3 of the bowl rack;

(2) Less man-hours for the erection of the ringlock scaffold: about 1/5 of the bowl rack, which can save a lot of labor costs;

(3) Ringlock scaffolding saves wooden squares: no wooden squares are required;

(4) Loss fee: 0 lost and 0 repaired;

(5) Save transportation costs: about 1/3 of the bowl button type;

(6) Locomotive hoisting fee: about 1/4 of the bowl button type.

4. Beautiful

(1) The whole body of the ringlock scaffold adopts the hot-dip galvanizing process, the appearance of the frame is silver-gray metallic, and the color is beautiful and uniform, which is conducive to improving the overall image of the project;

(2) The frame body is "horizontal" flat and "vertical" straight, the structure is simple, and the overall image of the project is particularly beautiful.

5. Environmental protection

(1) The frame body keel of the ringlock type scaffold is designed with a circular steel or aluminum beam, which does not require a wooden square, which can save a lot of wood;

(2) Less steel consumption: at least ½-2/3 of the steel consumption is saved compared to the traditional bowl buckle scaffolding; long service life: hot-dip galvanizing process, the service life is 20 years. 

6. Safety

Professionalism is the premise of safety. We have many years of experience in the construction technology and management of ringlock scaffolding. Product quality is the basis of safety. All kinds of horizontal rods and vertical rods are made of Q355 low carbon alloy structural steel, which is greatly improved than the Q235 ordinary carbon steel pipe used in traditional scaffolding (the ultimate load of a single rod can reach 20T). Internal and external treatment, not affected by rust, service life of more than 20 years. Specialization is the guarantee of safety. From scaffolding design, logistics and transportation, on-site construction, to material care and other links, Hanxia Trading has perfect safety protection, skilled operators, and a good safety management system to ensure zero product risk. , Zero accident!

The above is the introduction of the ringlock scaffolding brought to you by the author. If you need to purchase ringlock scaffolding and other series of scaffolding, you are welcome to choose SHIZHAN Group. We have many years of construction experience and perfect after-sales service to ensure your shopping worry-free! scaffolding supplier


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