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What are some of the reasons why ringlock system scaffolding for sale is popular?

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The ringlock system scaffolding for sale is a new type of scaffolding, which is used more and more widely in construction. So why is it so popular? The following editor will briefly introduce you:

First of all, the ringlock system scaffolding for sale has no moving parts and consists of only two types of components: vertical rods and cross rods. The rods and crossbars are manufactured in the factory. One is to prevent traditional scaffolding activities from zero. Parts are easy to lose, and the problem of easy damage reduces the economic loss of the construction unit; second, there is no active locking part, the tension and pressure of each part of the wheel scaffold are in a reasonable distribution state, and the force is reasonable and guaranteed. Rigidity and overall stability can greatly reduce the hidden dangers of insecurity caused by the active locking components on the traditional scaffolding.

Reliable two-way self-locking ability: First, the self-locking function of the horizontal and vertical rods in the connecting piece is mainly realized and guaranteed through the design structure, which reduces the shortcomings of manual locking of traditional scaffolding, and minimizes the instability of personnel Factors; 2. The connection form of multiple horizontal rods at the same node and the same vertical rod has changed from the traditional interlocking form to a single independent and incoherent self-locking form. With traditional scaffolding at the same node, when the lock of one horizontal rod is loosened, the lock of the other horizontal rod and vertical rod will also be broken.

Multi-function: ringlock system scaffolding for sale can be used with accessories such as adjustable bottom support, adjustable top support, double adjustable early disassembly, hanging beam, scaffolding and other accessories. It can be used with various steel pipe scaffolds to realize multiple functions.

Installation is more convenient and quicker: when using, you only need to insert the plugs at both ends of the cross bar into the corresponding taper hole on the vertical bar, and then tap it tightly. Traditional scaffold erection cannot guarantee the speed and quality of erection. The assembly and disassembly speed is 8-10 times faster than the fastener-type steel pipe scaffold, and more than 2 times faster than the bowl-type scaffold.

Large load-carrying capacity: The axis of the multifunctional steel scaffold with wheel buckle and the axis of the transverse rod cross vertically, and the mechanical properties are reasonable. Therefore, the bearing capacity is large, the overall rigidity is large, and the overall stability is strong, allowing each vertical rod to carry 3 tons and 4 tons. The number of diagonal rods is much smaller than that of traditional scaffolding.

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